rush.jpg  A couple weeks ago I had the carpets cleaned, We have some rental property and use the same guy and always find time to sit after and brag on the Grand children, he has twelve to my two.Super Tuesday was a couple days past and I asked him what he thought of the fact depending on how the primary races played out, a Black man was going to be the next President or vice president of the United States. He just shook his head and sipped his ice tea as we sat on the patio. Never thought I would see it in my life time he remarked or hers he said tapping the newest photo of his grand daughter he had to share. Rush Limbaugh laughed off the prospect of a black man on the democratic ticket today, the majority of his listeners are white evangelical neoconservative Christians, Who I suspect still use the n-word amongst themselves, in public they wash it up and say my goodness isn’t that black man or woman so very ”articulate” as a way to convey their fear of African Americans in power, and that’s what racism is at its heart, fear.

Today Rush decided to stretch the margin a tad, The slurs against the Senators religious faith have failed to draw much attention which leaves the rabid right with a single slur to run up the flag pole, Mighty white of Rush to appeal to the Black man doing a white woman image, And it will track for a couple weeks.

The snake kissing evangelicals fail to reckon on the flaw in Rushes call to defend America from the influence of a “those” people.

America became a multiracial society a couple election cycles ago, someone needs to tell the champions of White Christian America, The sin of racial M-I-S-C-E-G-E-N-A-T-I-O-N is almost a decade old reality. And its worse than the son’s of the south could have ever imagined, turns out every person on the planet today is the descendant of a three foot tall “Black” woman who lived in Africa. I would outline the science and explain the genetics for ya but I suspect I lost most of the folks who listen to Rush at the word miscegenation. 

Rush is the King of Hate radio and millions of people will follow his cue now that the plan to edge Hillary out by praising Barack has failed, FOX and MSNBC will be more subtle in the approach but it will be race baiting by association, they will not attack the Senator directly it will be the “Character” of his surrogates they call into question. 

The tactic Rush and the rest of the his kind will use can be very effective, the majority of white voters have no problem with electing a black man President, so they will ask Americans to consider this.

Do you want four years of Jesse Jackson and Al sharpton in the circle power, Swift boating Captains will dig up Photos of Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley in hope they can convince enough people that its not a vote against Barack, its keeping ”People” like Shapton and Jackson from influencing policy.

And it will work if the response teams are not prepared for every possible smear and innuendo the GOP and cable networks can muster. 

If the Democratic ticket can pull its act together and cut the racist’s off at the knees, the election will be a debate over the economy and the war and John McCain, honorable and decent man that he is will lose by a wider margin than Walter Mondale did.that’s my view, your’s may be different.

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