David Schussler

This morning on the Rush Limbaugh radio show, Rush was railing about the visit to Selma Alabama yesterday by Hillary and Barack. He was pointing out how both of them employed colloquial southern language styles in their discourses to their audiences. The implication is that they were trying to attract black voters who might feel more connected with their messages by trying to talk like them. From the excerpts I heard I believe it was probably so.

Rush also played an excerpt from Obama where he implored the black community to stay in school and get a good education and that good education was not a white thing to do. He appealed to black children and their parents not to feel stigmatized by seeking education and learning to communicate well. He went on to say that it was, and is, just the best thing to do. He was right and he is a good example of that. We all should applaud him for that.

What Rush said next is what I take umbrage with. He basically said articulation was extremely important with language. This is a reckless message where he implied that eloquence in speaking means everything.

There have been many eloquent speakers in history that have made fine and important discourses in government, in courtrooms, and in theater. But what of the simple speakers, the non-eloquent such as Will Rogers, Mark Twain, Lynden Johnson, George Bush? How about some wise bushman in Africa or Australia? Wisdom is not always articulate and eloquent and, in fact, is usually owned by common hard working folks who deal with the real issues of every day life. Hillary and Barack may be articulate but, for the most part, they are manipulators, full of crap, and lacking common sense. That is why they do stupid things like they did in Selma.

Many in the media have come from diverse backgrounds and various vernacular but in order to appeal to the many have affected their way of speaking. One never knows where our weather forecaster or news anchor came from. They sacrifice part of their lives to bring us the (well articulated) “impartial news”. They have already become a part of their own lie by forfeiting part of their heritage and presenting it to us.

What is most important is to be able to think clearly and communicate honestly regardless of where we were brought up. To be able to listen to reason and to change our minds and focus when we learn something factual and new.

Sorry Rush, sometimes the more words one knows the more confusing their conversation becomes, just listen to the flim flam on C-SPAN any day. Communication is way more important than articulation and colloquialisms are an intrinsic part of American life.

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