A Palm Beach paper Has a Story About Rush Limbaugh Drinking a Cocktail

An ‘Expert’ in the form of a “Treatment Specialist” is Summoned 

Although Limbaugh Exhibits no Problem Behavior, You’d Never Know it 

Conservatives Have to Bend Principles to Support the War on Drugs

Another Expensive “War” Gone Awry 

About 14 or 15 years ago, an email was sent to Rush Limbaugh pointing out the inconsistencies with being both a principled conservative and an advocate for the U.S. government’s War on Drugs.

The popular conservative talk show host had just given a monologue expounding on the benefits of continuing the drug war–a “war” only exceeded in length, cost, futility and lives ruined by the “War on Poverty”.

This listener found it hard to equate the conservative principles of smaller government, less taxes and less government intrusion with the leviathan the federal Drug War was turning into.

Apparently, more nerves were touched than mine. The next day, Rush appealed to listeners to “stop the emails!” He said that his mailbox was flooded with emails– from the sounds of it–much like my own.

But he stated that his views on the matter remained ‘unchanged’.

About 10 years later, of course, Limbaugh’s own struggles with chemical preferences were revealed, much to this listener’s dismay. Since our listening habits have changed, our chances to catch the EIB broadcasts over the last five years have been of the ‘hit-or-miss’ variety.

We’re not sure what Limbaugh’s position on this matter is today, but probably he remains unconvinced–if only because he wouldn’t want to be seen as having his principles affected by personal, inconvenient experiences.

This brings us to an item in Rush’s local paper, yesterday’s Palm Beach Post. Entitled “Limbaugh’s Liberal Drug Recovery: Liquor’s okay”, it’s nanny-ism at its best.
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Rush Limbaugh’s Adult Behavior Excites Finger-Wagging Nanny “Experts” 


Rush Limbaugh’s Adult Behavior Excites Finger-Wagging Nanny “Experts”

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