In the spirit of Great Britain’s parliamentary tradition, where the prime minister faces the loyal opposition in a public question and answer session, Conservative leader Rush Limbaugh has challenged President Obama to an economic debate.
I think having the leader of the G.O.P face off against the President in a couple informal town hall meetings where each man presents his parties views is a grand idea. Doubtless many Americans who are still undecided over which path our Nation should follow would also appreciate hearing both sides presented in a forum where neither individual is campaigning for office.
I think from a bi partisan scheduling standpoint, having Mr. Limbaugh present the republican argument and President Obama the democratic side could be accomplished just before the 2010 congressional midterms, where such an event would have the widest impact on the election. Both men are polished speakers and the viewers couldn’t help but benefit from hearing the respective leader of each party.

The republican party suffered significant losses in the last two election cycles and seem to have embraced by acclimation, the popular talk radio host as the wagon master who will lead them out of the political wilderness which supports my prior post where I suggested a Plain/Limbaugh ticket in 2012 is not so far-fetched an idea as it would seem at first glance.

Some disgruntled establishment republican’s, the ones who were in charge during the last two devastating election defeats and draw a paycheck from Sir Rupert Murdoch, have begun to spread the bizarre and rather outlandish rumor the President’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is promoting Mr. Limbaugh’s influence. Allegations the white house is secretly behind Mr. Limbaugh’s popularity in the party is dispelled by frequent public statement’s by the GOP’s congressional leadership, who have to a man made a point to praise Mr. Limbaugh on the cable networks.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who was tapped to offer the GOP response to President Obama’s speech before a joint session of congress, became the latest to make it quite clear during his appearance on Larry King, that Mr. Limbaugh’s position as the most respected elder and leader of the party and conservative cause in general is unquestioned.

If republicans have decided Rush is the man they want to take on the democratic’s I say let the debates begin.

That’s my view, yours may be different

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