[Some corrections of my faulty account of Rugby sent on by a former Rugby captain via a friend.  South Africa beat England yesterday, 15-6:


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(hi there Ed, here is former rugby captain from England to help you out)


You can if you want, but I didn’t wish to disappoint his obvious fond
memories of his rugger days.

I am reminded of the anonymous quotation:

Soccer is a game for gentlemen, played by hooligans.
Whereas rugby is a game for hooligans, played by gentlemen


>are you sending this to  Ed, or am i ,,  or none of the above
>>The final of the Rugby World Cup will be fought out in Paris this
>>Saturday between Britain and South Africa.  For those who don’t
>>know the game, it is a sort of hybrid between soccer and football
>>(American expressions) that was invented by the British Public
>>(really private) School of that name back when.  Our American
>>football evolved from it and is now a very different species.
>>For the uninitiated Rugby is played by teams that lock horns at
>>various points in what are called scrums when the two sides line up
>>two deep
>actually three deep
>>to shove each other as the ball is tossed down the line between
>>them by a referee
>wrong, “shoved in” by the scrum half of the team that DIDN’T inflict
>the error.
>>.  One team has a central figure who tries to kick the ball to the
>>back fielders who then start running towards the goal lines.
>Wrong, the eight forwards (who also form the scrum when an
>infringement occurs) attempt to get the ball who then back-kick it
>out of the scrum, or pass it out of a line-out to the scrum half,
>who determines the flow of the game and where the team to should aim
>to run to score a touch-down. He then passes it to the fly-half, who
>then can pass it out to the four three-quarters, who are the actual
>flee-footed chaps who attempt to score. Behind the three-quarters is
>the full back who follows behind and defends the goal.
>>  These back fielders, as tacklers approach them, can lateral the
>>ball to fellow back fielders — but only backwards.  A forward
>>lateral brings a penalty.
>>The teams are not shielded as in American football with padded
>>equipment, so that tackling is generally softer than the American
>>version — around the ankles rather than mid body which can be a
>>real jolt for both tackler and tacked (I learned the hard way when
>>playing the game at Rugby’s principal competitor school, Uppingham,
>>where I was an exchange student) — reinjured an old wrist thing
>>from having played American football the year before in high school.
>>The principal injury that one can receive in Rugby is what is
>>called the Rugby ear — one’s ears get jammed against the butts of
>>fellow players when one is shoving in the scrum.  I acquired one. I
>>think they wear a protective something now to prevent that — does
>>not affect hearing.
>>One can kick the ball under certain circumstances for a goal, but I
>>forget the details — I think it is a sort of drop kick.
>Basically the ball has to bounce first when it is dropped and then
>one kicks it. Hence the term drop-kick.
>>  One can obviously pick up the ball which one cannot do in soccer.
>But one CANNOT pass forward which is the main difference between the
>royal game of Rugby and the colonists poor imitation.
>By the way, it is NOT Britain who is in the finals but ENGLAND.
>from a former Rugby team school captain who hasn’t  touched the
>leather in nearly forty years.
>>Enjoy the finals.  Rugby has not spread widely in this country, but
>>there is a group trying to get it going in Manhattan, if they can
>>find a proper playing field.
>>”A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms
>>is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by
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“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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