A big thanks to Townhall commentator Matt Lewis for his 9/13 spotlight article on Texas Gov. Rick Perry.   Illuminating what we Texans have known for almost a year as the  governors true ambitions.  After Gov. “Good Hair” managed to squeak by and pull off a victory with  less than 39% of the over all vote, he began shortly thereafter  to make it abundantly clear to Texans that they were nothing more to him than a stepping stone up to the next level.   Within less than a month he began a drastic flip/flop on his promise to secure the border and stop illegal immigration.  Then a few months later we knew something was a foul when he issued his “HPV Orders” – an obvious political stunt.    “But why?” many asked?  “He’d just won the election! Why do something so unpopular and controversial?”  Well, it didn’t take long to figure out what with the Presidential race almost in full swing.  It was designed to garner National attention, you see?   Gov. Perry coveted Dick Cheney’s job!  Of course!  Rick Perry wants that  address of Number One Observatory Circle on his personal stationary so much so that he can taste it.  Forget Texas.   He’s got bigger fish to fry.   So the good Governor soon began taking all of his cues from the Bush/Rove White House.  To include the new found and “fun” practice of dis’ing, insulting and ignoring the voting base that got them elected.  The Bush/Rove team being total masters at that practice.  They began teaching their young padawan the dark side.  Ha!  And Governor Good Hair learned.   When Texas legislators tried to block and slow  the Trans Texas Corridor, as the folks of Texas strongly desired, Gov. Perry went against them all and vetoed it.   And most recently Gov. Perry told those of us who want a border fence that what we believe is “idiocy” .   President Bush and Karl Rove were beaming with pride after that statement.  Now lets demonstrate why and how this is such a totally Lisa Nowak form of self-destruction in a political sense for Gov. Perry.  This past 9/1/07 the run-away winner of the Texas Straw Poll, hands down, was none other than the “Father of the Fence” Cong. Duncan Hunter.  What a sharp contrast between the Texas voter and Gov. Rick Perry.  If the governors election were held today, Perry would have zero chance.

My message to Rudy Giuliani.  If the Matt Lewis piece is correct, I advise you to stay clear of Rick Perry.  Now let me preface this by saying that I am not a “Rudy supporter”.  I differ with you on a few issues. And I strongly support the above mentioned Duncan Hunter.  But Rudy, I like you.  Dude I enjoyed the way you went on the attack after Hillary.  You’re no shrinking violet.  GOP’rs like myself are so weary of our present door-mat of a President and his disgusting “New Tone” method of dealing with the dem’s.   And I can tell you that we get a charge out of watching you lambast the dem’s.  And because of this I’m telling you – don’t do it.  You’re probably thinking that Perry as  your VP candidate might help secure Texas.  NO!  Just the opposite.  (but you’re correct to be worried about Texas)  Perry will link you directly to the Bush/Rove/WSJ/U.S. Chamber wing of the GOP.   And they are Persona Non Grata.  Believe it.  This segment of the GOP Hierarchy are despised by the Reagan Democrats, the true independents and middle Americans.   Those that have boosted the behind of the GOP up and over the top for 2 and a half decades.   The GOP Hierarchy has insulted them  continuously.  Many in this voting block have become exasperated and have dropped out of the process.  Others have protest voted for some 3rd party nut.   Give it some thought Rudy.  Don’t be too hasty.   Steer clear of Rick Perry.  You can do better.  That is if you manage, by some miracle,  to get by Duncan Hunter in the primaries. Ha!               Darvin Dowdy

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