While giving a speech to a group of Hispanic small business leaders in Washington D.C., GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani got on the subject of Venezuelan President/dictator Hugo Chavez. “Isn’t it annoying, upsetting and even in some cases a matter of national security that we have to send money to our enemies?” Giuliani asked. “We need a president who knows how to get things done so we don’t have to be sending money to Chavez.” What I want to know is why Chavez is an enemy of the U.S.? It is because he is critical of George W. Bush, or is due to the fact that he has taken over control of his nation’s oil fields and kicked the multinational corporations out?

Giuliani said that the U.S. should develop alternative energy sources and take advantage of the oil it already controls. He argued that Chavez would have little power if America stopped buying oil from him. “Who would listen to Chavez if he didn’t have all this oil money? Nobody would listen to him,” Giuliani said. I hate to tell Rudy this, but nobody is listening to him now, but maybe Giuliani would have more credibility if he wasn’t such a hypocrite when it comes to Chavez.

The Houston, TX based law firm of as Bracewell & Giuliani represents Citgo Petroleum Corp. which is owned by the Venezuelan government. The Giuliani campaign says that their candidate has done no lobbying for Citgo, but as a partner in the firm Giuliani still gets paid by Citgo for the work his firm does. If Giuliani really thought that Chavez was that big of a threat, he could have had the firm drop Citgo as a client. However Rudy sees no problem with the current arrangement, “I feel perfect freedom to point out that Hugo Chavez is a person who’s acting against the interests of the United States. He’s someone where we’d be in a much better position if we could cut him off. If we could say we don’t want or need Venezuelan oil,” Giuliani said after the speech. “I don’t think there’s anyone that’s more outspoken about how dangerous I think he is.”

If he is so dangerous, than why does Rudy keep taking money from the law firm that represents Citgo in Texas? There seems to be a contradiction in Giuliani’s actions and words. Also, I think Chavez wants to be considered dangerous by the United States because it would help his third world street cred. On the list of potential threats to the national security of the U.S., I don’t think Chavez is even in the top 50, which is why it is odd that Republicans like Giuliani have a problem with Chavez when they have no qualms with buying Saudi oil. Remind me again, which nation were most of the 9/11 hijackers from? Wasn’t it our good friend Saudi Arabia? Chavez is nothing but a dime a dozen dictator, and Giuliani is only helping his cause by making him seem like a bigger threat than he is.

Giuliani quotes came from this AP article

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