We can always go backwards. When in doubt, that is. Or at least that’s what a considerable portion of the Hessian electorate must have been thinking yesterday. Clearly helped by Minister President Roland Koch’s quite unnecessary, dumb, and populist “foreign criminal debate”, the SPD gained considerable ground in the Hessian state election yesterday. Worse still, the Left Party cleared the 5 percent hurdle and will now be represented in the state Parliament, too.


I guess they are going to call this Das Wunder von Wiesbaden or something. The Left Party is of course a madcap and wacky collection of former and current Communists and disgruntled “old Europe” ex-Social Democrat types who miss the old days when a man was a comrade and a woman was too and will do anything in their very limited power to turn back the hands of time to the age when everything ticked richtig (correctly), an age which never really existed, of course.

This shows the rest of the world how it really looks in Europe’s biggest economy when it comes to delivering on the serious economic reform promises it has so often made; not very good at all. Not even the SPD will work together with the Left Party and, although this is a good thing, the Left Party’s success will now make forming a government in Hesse as difficult as it is in so many other places throughout the nation, the national government included. It will also make hesitant reformer types like Chancellor Merkel even more hesitant than she already is. But hey, you always get the government you vote for. So give the people what they want, Roland, whatever that might be this week.

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