January 16, 2008

A 90 year old war veteran, Alfred Donovan and his 60 year old son, John, operate a website – – focused on Shell which has cost the oil giant billions of dollars. It regularly humiliates Shell senior management, including its CEO, Jeroen van der Veer.

The Times newspaper recently published an article under the headline: –

“A word in your Shell-like — it’s all gibberish” (5 Jan 2008).

The article mocked comments made in unintelligible jargon by van der Veer in a Shell internal email leaked to the gripe site (revealing thousands of IT job cuts at Shell)

The Sunday Telegraph stated in a Sept 2007 double-page article entitled “Online revolutionaries”: –

“Their site became a hub for activists and disgruntled former employees. It has been used to mobilise support for environmental campaigns by the likes of WWF, the environmental lobbying group, against drilling in the Arctic and Russia, for groups worried about Shell’s social impact in Ireland and Nigeria, and by the company’s former group auditor Bill Campbell to raise issues about employee safety.”

Campbell revealed that Shell offshore employees died in a preventable accident after a senior Shell Executive, Malcolm Brinded, now Chief Executive of Shell EP, turned a blind eye to an astonishing “Touch F*** All” policy over safety procedures on Shell North Sea production platforms. Basically production and profits are given a higher priority than the lives of Shell employees.

IDGGroup: Offshore workers died as a result of a “Touch F*** All” safety regime at Royal Dutch Shell

Shell lost billions when the Donovan’s supplied leaked Shell internal email to the Russian Environmental Agency. The evidence was used to force Shell to relinquish its ownership of the world’s biggest energy project, Sakhalin-2 in Siberia.


The gripe site made news again in June 2007 in relation to Sakhalin-2 when project director David Greer, resigned after being exposed as a plagiarist as a result of another email leaked to the gripe site.

The Moscow Times: Sakhalin Energy’s Greer Steps Down

A newsletter published in July 2007 by the One World Trust , an independent research organisation linked with the UK Houses of Parliament and the UN, credited the website as having a “profound impact” on Shell and fulfilling a “watchdog” function. The gripe site, which operates on an entirely non commercial basis, receives over 7 million hits per month.

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