February 2006

February brought us our first update of the year on an old Original Musings favorite, Ohio’s own Jessica Coleman.

Although there were only three contenders mentioned in February, all of them are especially troubling. The roundup …


Jessica Coleman & Thomas Truelson — Jessica is the young lady currently serving six years in prison for the murder of her newborn son when she was 15 years old. Despite repeated attempts to miscarry by having her boyfriend, Thomas Truelson, injure her stomach, Jessica was unable to rid herself of her unwanted pregnancy. Having successfully hidden her condition from her family, Jessica gave birth in the bathroom. She hit him in the head and then stabbed her newborn son repeatedly with a pair of scissors. She put the baby in a duffel bag with a bunch of rocks and gave it to her boyfriend, who disposed of it in a flooded rock quarry. When the baby’s body was discovered, Jessica and Tommy stayed quiet. They stayed quiet for six years, until Jessica got drunk and confessed her crime to her boyfriend Matt. Matt shared the story with a couple people, and someone went to the police. After standing trial, Jessica was sentenced to six years, Truelson to two.

Update — This one’s updates have already been covered fairly extensively. You’ll find all of them by clicking on the link, which will take you to the “Jessica Coleman” category.


Daniel Porter — On June 5, 2004, Daniel Porter picked up his two children (8-year old Lindsey and 7-year old Samuel) for a weekend visit. That was the last time their mom saw them. Porter won’t tell anyone where they are, or if they’re even alive. He laughs about it, and talks about how the more they push, the more he’ll dig in his heels. He repeatedly ridicules the authorities who are desperately searching for his children. He toys with his ex, telling her they’re alive, then telling her they’re dead. He does the same with authorities. Recordings of his phone calls while jailed were summed up as “gloating” and a furtherance of the cat and mouse game he’s orchestrated in his cruel bid to hurt his ex-wife.

Update — At the time of the original post, Porter was serving 10 years for weapons violations, and had not yet been convicted or sentenced in the kidnapping case. He has since been convicted and sentenced to an additional 38 years. As of this date, the children remain missing, and Daniel Porter remains in jail. Recently, age progression photos of the children have been created to hopefully aid in their finding. Tina Porter, the kids’ mom, has received three pieces of chilling correspondence from a former inmate who was incarcerated with Porter. In the letters, the inmate details how he was supposed to fulfill a contract to kill Tina Porter upon his release. To prove his authenticity, the inmate revealed details that he could not have known without having talked extensively with Porter, including the combination to a safe in the Porter home. The inmate says that Porter told him the children are still alive, and are living with a wealthy family. Porter continues to toy with Tina and the police, sometimes saying that the children are alive, other times he says they’re dead.


Vanessa Jackson didn’t kill her children, she merely chose to starve and abuse a few of them. When 19-year old Bruce Jackson was found rooting through a garbage can in search of food, he weighed 45 pounds. Vanessa said she didn’t know that her four adoptive sons were starving. She hadn’t taken any of them to a doctor, but she thought they had eating disorders. And yeah, sure, she spanked them, but she never abused them. She didn’t neglect them. They got fed sometimes. They had clothes. They went to church. Besides, CPS was at the home regularly and they never seemed to have a problem. Vanessa was sentenced to a mere seven years for her crime and CPS was ordered to pay $5 million for Bruce Jackson and $2.5 million for each of his three brothers.

Update — Nothing much has changed. Vanessa is serving her sentence, and the minister is still proclaiming her innocence. He says that the boys suffered from eating disorders and that the Jackson family was ill equipped to handle special needs children. He lays the blame on CPS. The boys’ eating disorders miraculously disappeared after they were removed from the home — In the two years since they were removed, Bruce has gained 95 pounds and grown 15 inches. Keith grew 10 inches and gained 85 pounds, Tyrone gained 13 inches and nearly 40 pounds, and Michael has shot up 15 inches and 40 pounds.

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