Dan Rather sees everything in a demeanor which approximates the depths of gravity no matter the event or occassion.  There may have been a time when his pose matched the attitudes of the times.  Now he is going to spend the rest of his life like McNamara defending his old way of doing things.  He’s looking for a return to the serious manner of presentation we had when we thought we could mandate every action around the world and further that unless we did the result would be chaos.  Others have adopted a more realistic viewpoint, but Dan’s still battling for a return to diplomacy by birthright.  And since he is an attacker, he is going to lambast every new face posting the news.  In addition, I have the feeling that somehow Dan is irritated by equal footing for women especially where the attraction of the reporter includes a comely presentation.  It may be that Katie’s team has not yet reached peak performance as a news team, but every day has its dog.  And the truth is that Katie is no dog in the eyes of much of America, male or female.

I don’t know who’s on network news other than Katie now.  She’s the only personality that stands out to the infrequent viewer.  The industry is so fragmented that the disparate sources are not ID’d by viewers.  Viewers no longer know whether the reporter is unbiased even if a balance is sought.  So many TV faces are biased openly to a certain point of view and are commentators rather than reporters.  The audience, however, is not always alert as to the advocacy, at least initially. 

The truth is that Katie is a smart dumpling and Dan is a tough old bird aged from his initial role as spring chicken.  Dan sees himself as the critic of critics, General Manager of News Critics of the World, Inc.  It’s time for Dan to resign, go fishing and let Katie show him how it’s supposed to be done in the future. 




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