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Earlier today, a cache of startling documents, audio tapes, and old 16mm film recordings were uncovered by workers renovating the cellar of famed WWII General George Douglas Marshall, US Army (1921-2009). Before a wall of secrecy was put up—ostensibly under the Official Secrets Act of 1911—these documents revealed blockbuster information. The following was revealed by the CMN Cable News Network, as I watched it unfold, and made notes. The tape has since been pulled from

In 1945, after WWII, the US Government had seized Nazi scientists and their science in something called Operation Paper Clip. They were brought to America with their knowledge, designs, and some super weapons. These were actually war criminals, but the USA let that slide.

By 1944, the Nazis had developed a particular super-weapon. It was a twin-jet fighter-bomber so advanced it was invisible to radar. The Horten GO-229 was a flying wing, boomerang-shaped, like a modern B-2 bomber. The one that looks like the bat plane. It was made of composites and special rubber paint that absorbed radar; it had no radar reflection. It was invisible. This was in 1944, super science, lost knowledge not rediscovered until the 1980’s. The Horten even used an advanced gold-cadmium alloy to de-ice its wings, a memory-metal that if deformed could spring back and reset its shape. It was Star Wars stuff, Buck Rogers to them in 1944.

Two years after the war ended—around early 1947—the U.S. Government was reportedly actually operating—flying—these captured secret Luftwaffe warplanes. The incarcerated pilots had been members of a Nazi ‘ghost unit’—so secret it only became known to Allied Intelligence after the war. Something called Luftwaffe Wing 500, the most privileged and knowledgeable of the SS. They worked directly for Oberkommando, High Command. They knew the secrets—where everything was, and how it all worked.

During World War II, this Luftwaffe Wing 500 was tasked with all long-range and clandestine aerial recon’. They made all secret agent parachute drops and covert flights. They tested all classified and experimental aircraft and they were in charge of all clandestine missions run by the Luftwaffe. Wing 500 knew everything possible regarding world-wide communist activities and its leaders.

Here’s the punch line: the Wing 500 spy network of war criminals still existed illegally—after World War II actually ended. And the US Government was running it.

After the war, these SS pilots were supposed to have been arrested and prosecuted. But they weren’t because they knew the secrets of all those wartime black ops’. They held power that way. And they had special knowledge of the supersonic, invisible flying wing, more power. You see, in 1947, CIA was actually using these war criminal Nazi flyers on covert missions all over the world. It was Cold War spy-and-die stuff—all practically suicide missions. American pilots couldn’t be asked to fly those kinds of missions. But the Nazis hated the Communists so much they’d take any risk—they wanted revenge for the rape and pillage of Berlin in ’45—thousands of random murders and executions there by the Russians.

So, the SS war criminals just went right on flying their invisible Hortens into battle against the Russians for the USA. They sang German battle songs, and spied and died.

July 2, 1945, Roswell—the crash.

There were no aliens. On that night in question, these same SS war criminal pilots were on their way back to Roswell’s Walker Air Force Base for debriefing by CIA. This was after a covert mission against the Soviet Union. Walker was America’s Area 51 of the time. It had all the A-bombs in the world and the only planes on Earth advanced enough to deliver them. It was where the Nazi flyers had their deep-cover hideout. It was their home. They lived there disguised as German POWs, hidden in plain sight. You can look up that cover story about the POWs but the truth is still classified way beyond top secret. That very night over Roswell, as the Hortens flew toward their base at Walker, there was a thunderstorm and the two planes collided. They crashed and burned in a rancher’s field. The two Horten flying wings were actually the so-called Roswell incident.

The great and mighty USA—leader of the free world—went on to compromise itself forever. The USA used Nazi war criminals to further its political ends. It broke international law. It committed crimes against Humanity. The U.S. was no longer the torchbearer of morality; the U.S. gave up its humanity.

America had co-opted and utilized outlawed black knowledge: Wing 500 high-altitude biological experiments. These were experiments like with lab rats, but on captured Jews, Russians, and Americans—live guinea pigs to further Nazi conquest of the air. Those human beings were tortured to produce outlawed medical data. They were exposed to high vacuum; they were frozen in seawater, thrown out of planes, burned alive, and much worse. It puts everything in an untenable position that nobody wants exposed, even today. Here’s how it reportedly went down and why it had to be covered up.

Number one—by co-opting internationally outlawed, black Nazi ‘science,’ the U.S. became complicit with the sins of Himmler and the SS.

Number two—by allowing the fanatic SS pilots to continue flying their super weapons in America’s service, the U.S. Government became complicit with the outlawed SS.

Number three—it was a demonic wedding. The old Nazi super-spy networks were still in place, and still had dossiers on their sworn enemies. So the US allowed them to kill commies as revenge for Berlin. USA bankrolled it all in return for information and illegal services.

These were national secrets that had been kept from leaking—at any cost. The U.S. Government could never have shown its bloody hand. The free world needed America as an emblem against the Communist monolith, not as a defendant in the International Court of Justice. The world needed America to lead it out of the rubble that was Europe and rebuild it. And the world can’t be allowed to learn these very old secrets even today, either.

But the cover-up began back in 1945. For one thing, the Swiss gnomes were financing both the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R., playing them against each other to drive up interest rates on world loans. If the Communists let on about the Americans’ pet Nazis, they could have publicly forced the gnomes to cut out the U.S. entirely.

Everybody knew but the public. The gnomes knew everything but kept their mouths shut and played along for profit. The Russians and Americans were playing a game of master spy against each other. But they were cooperating to hold the rest of the world down—because they’d already tacitly agreed on a two-party global system.

And that’s what’s basically still going on today.

Powerful people who are ensconced within left-over cold war instrumentalities do not want this information to ever be revealed. It’s a completely different world under the covers.

That’s why your world makes no sense to you. Your reality—it’s stories and fiction. At least now you understand how the wreckage of the two crashed Horten flying wings had to be covered up, and with it the story of the Nazi pilots.

Both planes burned on impact: they fused together in one molten mass, and their combined wreckage became the crashed flying disk of so-called Roswell Incident.

There wasn’t much left of the pilots. You must know that a hot fire shrinks a body down. Their rubber flight suits were feld grau—field gray. The gray rubber fused to the bodies. And their gray plastic helmets—like divers’ helmets back then—they melted and became the ‘big heads.’ The dual eye pieces blackened and, voila, from a distance, there’s your little gray men with big heads and eyes.

And now you know the entire story.

Except for the kidnapping.

Look around you—if you believed what you just read, then you are in a crime scene. Because then it was you I kidnapped with my little story here.
Do you see it?

Don’t believe everything you read.

Or hear.

Or see.

Read Orwell’s classic book, 1984; or rent the DVD, but only the version with Richard Burton.

And then…well…welcome to the real world Neo.

By Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg

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