One thing that Rosie O’Donnell’s early departure from the view proves is that the school yard lessons we all learned about bullies still ring true today.

From her very first day on the job as co-host on the view Rosie made her presence known. Her voice thundered over her co-hosts and left little doubt in the mind of the audience in the studio and at home who was in charge.

“The View” quickly became “Rosie’s View” and one of her favorite targets was co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck who in comparison to Rosie’s view of the world was like a creature from another planet. It became standard operating procedure for Rosie to say something wild (completely false) and Elisabeth attempt a rebuttal only to be out shouted by Rosie. Apparently, Elisabeth didn’t notice the sign change in the studio from “The View” to “Rosie’s View.”
Finally, in all her pregnant glory Elisabeth decided not to be silenced any longer and aggressively challenged her. This challenge was in response to comments made be Rosie days earlier asking the rhetorical question, “If we invaded Iraq a country which did not attack us and killed 655,000 of there civilians, who are the terrorists?” It is clear to anyone with at least a 5th grade education that her implication was that the U.S. is the real terrorist not the citizens of Iraq.

This kind of mini-uprising was quite common, but Rosie usually moved swiftly to put down the rebellion before it got out of hand. But Elisabeth would be silenced no more and stood up to the bully dictator for once and it made for truly riveting television.

As is the case in any situation if you confront a bully head on they will usually back down. Rosie was consistently one of the loudest and most forceful voices on television month after month, but when faced with actually having to back up her empty rhetoric with real facts she folded like a cheap suit.

What makes it even worse is how Rosie is actually trying to play the victim and implying on her blog that there was (you guessed it) yet another conspiracy at play this time aimed at getting her fired from the show.

The truth is the only thing that conspired against Rosie was Rosie herself. People forget all the court testimony by the former employees of her defunct magazine. To say that the picture they painted was that of a “hostile working environment” would be putting it mildly.

While Rosie’s views are rarely based on truth or facts of any kind, she made up for it by saying them often and saying them at a higher decibel level than anyone else. But when challenged Rosie’s only response was to quit showing up for work and that speaks louder than anything she could have ever said.

Chris Jones is the editor of The Hot Joints a popular news & opinion site.


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