In a long overdue nod to the women who made an Allied victory of WWII possible, efforts are now underway to secure a national monument dedicated to America’s ‘Rosies.’

Atlanta’s Crowne Plaza hotel is the site for this year’s American Rosie the Riveter Association Convention.

Sadie Holt, leader of the American Rosie the Riveter Association, said, “This is our kickoff event for starting a fund-raising movement to get a Rosie monument built in Washington, D.C.

The popular image of Rosie the Riveter has transcended a simple patriotic call to the factory and become an enduring symbol of the women’s rights movement -and a merchandising bonanza.

Whether you support gender equality, wife-beating, or some median position, it’s hard to deny that the dedicated women of America’s WWII era cranked out some of the finest attack aircraft (and other war materials) ever. Even those too young to punch a clock contributed. Holt herself rolled bandages and collected scrap metals in support of the war effort.


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