Looks like execs at ABC are eyeing a number of contenders for the vacant spot being left by Rosie O’Donnell this season and although names like Joan Rivers & Kathie Lee Gifford have been bandied about, Rosanne Barr (Arnold…what’s her name now?) looks like she is the top choice so far.  Although her camp is still keeping mum on this announcement, when Larry King asked her if the rumors were true, she didn’t deny it only stating that “Well, I want $10 million, like Rosie.”

O’Donnell’s position on The View is considered the No. 1 chair and so a very strong and savvy personality will be needed to fill it.  Other than introducing guests, the No.1 chair also has to keep the conversations moving along at a strong clip while generating buzz for the show.  O’Donnell did just that by consistently having her name in the tabloids with one verbal gaffe or obnoxious statement after another.  Execs and the other View costars have managed to walk the thin tightrope it takes to appear distanced from Rosie’s politics and mishaps while supportive of her at the same time.  This balancing act has led to The View’s best ratings in their 10 year career with everyone benefitting greatly from the explosive O’Donnell – well everyone that is, except O’Donnell herself.  She has taken a beating the entire year from everyone from Donald Trump to Chinese-American groups including have to take several personal days off the show due to stress.  I can’t help but wonder if Barbara and the gang sent her flowers while skipping all the way to the bank.

O’Donnell has made dumb mistakes but considering the outrageous and acerbic comments Joy constantly doles out and how Elizabeth can be naive and pompously arrogant at once – I think it is quite funny how O’Donnell’s much tamer remarks cause such a hypocritical uproar.

I think Roseanne might be a very good choice at No.1 because unlike O’Donnell, she rose higher and fell harder and seems thicker skinned.  I also don’t think she’d allow herself to be used as the fall guy as easily as O’Donnell has.

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