A roofer has decided to spend his final days at home and die surrounded by his family and friends, after winning one hundred and sixty thousand GBP (around three hundred and twenty thousand dollars) compensation. Fifty nine year old Jim Kingshott suffers from mesothelioma, which is an asbestos related cancer.

The man was taken home earlier this week from hospital, and his brother said that he wanted to spend his final days with his loved ones. He won the compensation after contracting the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, from his work as a roofer.

He was diagnosed with the cancer in 2006, and at that time doctors told him that he only had a few months left to live. However, he has battled with the cancer for close to two years, and has managed to survive long enough to see that his family will be financially secure.

He was described by his brother as a very resilient man. However, he has become so week that he is no longer able to perform basic tasks. Mr Kingshott said that he was glad that his family would be financially secured as a result of the compensation.

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