While Checking the Facts Of the NH Non-Debate, We Talked to Many RP Supporters 

RP Supporters are Moms, Dads, Ex-Marines, Scout Leaders: But No Kooks

There Was One, Though… 
NOTE: 99% of Ron Paul supporters we come into contact with are regular, everyday people. When they write and email us, they are pleasant–passionate to be sure–but genuinely nice people.

That’s one of the reasons we’ve never bashed Dr. Paul and his supporters: someone needs to attack the overweening nanny state and it’s insane intrusion into more and more aspects of everyday life.

Ron Paul is a principled Libertarian who never misses an opportunity to attack an ever-growing federal government. We can’t do anything but cheer for him on that issue.

We don’t agree with Ron Paul on all of the issues. But we don’t have to: we still wish him well, even if we’re not working for his campaign.

But it only takes a few over-wrought supporters–apparently viciously abused during potty-training as a child–to alienate potential allies.

We have purposely not joined in the gratuitous Ron Paul bashing taking place in many venues because it seems to us a lot like hitting the double chocolate dessert buffet at Happy Wong’s ‘World’s Biggest Asian Food Smorgasbord’: it might feel good at the time, but you just have to work your ass off the next day to undo the damage.

Against our better judgment, we’re gonna vent a little.

We made phone calls, fielded emails and generally spent yesterday chasing down the details of the supposed Fox News Debates that had excluded Ron Paul.

ORIGINALLY, we were going to write that we didn’t see how this could benefit Fox, Republicans, or Ron Paul. When we first heard the exclusion, we were concerned: a viewpoint that should be heard more was going to be heard less.

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Ron  Paul and the Non-Debate: Army of One RP Supporter Needs Some Sleep


Ron  Paul and the Non-Debate: Army of One RP Supporter Needs Some Sleep

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