I can already smell the bong resin emanating from the radical marijuana legalization crowd that supports Ron Paul to the point of being cult-like, breathing down fire upon my comments section. You would have thought I punched the pope at Christmas mass after my last article on Ron Paul. I feel very strongly that Ron Paul is wrong for our country for a variety of reasons, and I am tired of seeing a small, fringe element attacking anyone who doesn’t agree that Paul is the greatest thing since George Washington to grace this nation.

Let me first start by giving credit where credit is due. Ron Paul deserves accolades for his stand against the federal reserve. I agree with him on some of his economic ideas and his recent appointment as Chairman of the U.S. House Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee is a great position for him. This is where Mr. Paul needs to concentrate his efforts, as he seems to be quite knowledgeable in this area.Where Paul goes astray is in the subject of foreign policy. Ron Paul is an isolationist…oh, wait…sorry Paulites…what have you changed that term to?? That’s right, he is a “non-interventionalist” according to his supporters. This approach to foreign affairs is naive at best, and catastrophic at worst. Oh wait…what is that I hear??? I can hear the chants of “warmonger” and “neocon” already arriving at the front door of my comments section. One thing Paulites are is predictable. If you criticize Paul’s foreign policy ideas you are sure to have these names hurled in your general direction early and often.

Ron Paul was against the Iraq war. After all, it is really none of our business if a country is building weapons of mass destruction to terrorize other nations according to Paul…and yes, folks, there were WMD’s:http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/us_did_find_iraq_wmd_AYiLgNbw7pDf7AZ3RO9qnM



Ron Paul has gone so far to say that we (USA) are to blame for the unprovoked 9/11 attacks, aligning himself with the anti-war fringe leftists.Paul has stated quite clearly that he would close down all U.S bases in foreign countries and bring all of our military home within our borders in order to defend them. Paul is against what he perceives to be our meddling in others affairs. Imagine what the world would be like if we hadn’t meddled in Europe’s affairs with Hitler. What Paul does not wish to take into account is that we have interests which stretch outside of our borders. We cannot just withdraw to our own borders and ignore the rest of the worlds plight. As long as their is evil in the world we will have a moral obligation to do something about it. I would certainly not stand in my front yard and watch my neighbor beat the snot out of his wife next door under the justification that it is not my business.

Paul thinks we should just leave radical islam alone and they, in turn, will leave us alone. This sounds all good and well in pot-smoking hippieland, where the most intelligent words are generally, “I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.” Unfortunately that is not the reality of our world, and to take a foreign policy approach under the assumption that it is will be destructive to our nation. Do you think these kind muslims are planning on leaving us alone?

Additionally, Ron Paul has come out in support of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Apparently, Mr. Paul thinks it is just peachy that someone post our classified documents for all the world to see. Apparently Mr. Paul doesn’t see the threat to national security that this poses at all. He either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that this puts the lives of our servicemembers at a greater risk every day. This is not the type of judgment we need in the oval office.Now let’s explore some of the more, shall we say, questionable behaviors of Ron Paul. Ron Paul has allied and surrounded himself with some very disturbing characters. The large majority of “truther” conspiracy theorists, who believe our own government is responsible for the 9/11 attacks, support Ron Paul. Paul has gone out of his way to encourage these nuts, and only when directly pressured by the media during the 2008 campaign, gave a half-hearted denial of espousing the theory himself.Ron Paul supports the legalization of marijuana and has drawn a large following of young, smelly, stoned followers who support his every idea like mindless zombies, in the hopes that he will bring about their utopia, a nation where the sticky-icky grows like the sycamore.

More disturbingly, Ron Paul cozies himself up to the King of Conspiracy theories, Alex Jones. Ron Paul goes on his show regularly and does a wonderful job of giving credibility to this fat, schizophrenic bag of wind. One has to ask oneself, if a person really wanted to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, would they go on this show???Alex Jones is a complete nutjob, who is the leader of the 9/11 truthers as well as just about any conspiracy theory one could concoct. I have written about him before and although he is regularly acting like a complete psychotic fool, Ron Paul seems to be best friends with the guy. Does anyone still think who a person hangs out with doesn’t give you a picture of what they are like?? I think Obama has proven that theory to be fact with the vast array of marxists and criminals that he has surrounded himself with.So we have Ron Paul…a man who’s major following consists of drug users, anti-war leftists, truthers, and conspiracy-laden schizophrenics. They should call it the Ron Paul Circus, not Revolution. Yeah, I said it Paulbots!! It’s my opinion and I am entitled to it…at least until the government steals my thoughts, and sends the secret security force to cart me off to the FEMA camps in the middle of the night.

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