DBKP Great Ron Paul Christmas Debate

24 Hours of Ron Paul–For or Against?

Put your location on the map with a comment

What areas will be strongest FOR Paul? What areas are AGAINST Paul?

We want to know 

Since today is Christmas and we just ate–and we’re feeling kinda sleepy–we wanted to liven up things a little.

And what better way to wake the place up,then yell, “Hey! Everybody, Ron’s Paul’s in the House!”?

1. Place the pin on where you’re from.
2. Type in a name and a short message about how you feel about Ron Paul.
3. Step back and enjoy the fun!

Some people think Dr. Paul is the Second Coming of Christ, others think he’s the Second Coming of Hitler. Some think the Ron Paul R3volution will lead the country back to the Consitution. Still others think it’ll lead America to Kooksville.


Ron Paul excites passion like no other candidate we’ve seen for awhile–on both sides.

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The Great Ron Paul Debate Map 


The Great Ron Paul Debate Map

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