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Ron Paul’s results in the Texas straw poll only prove one thing. Whether you adore or loathe him, Ron Paul is the cure for blog writer’s block. Commentators on both sides of the Ron Paul question jump into the saddle to adorn every story with their own spin.

For example: The Hill’s David Hill reports that there’s trouble back home for Ron Paul.

While Texan Ron Paul’s stock is soaring nationally, there is trouble on the home front. In September, Paul finished third in a straw poll of 1,300 Texas Republican activists who had been delegates to recent Republican conventions.

The congressman corralled just 17 percent of the votes cast, trailing California’s Duncan Hunter with 41 percent.

Hill’s reaction is that these numbers are too high. That Texans are more concerned with making a statement or following a leader than they are about whether Paul can actually win the election.

This outcome says Texas Republicans aren’t terribly concerned about viability. Otherwise, one of the national front-runners like Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney would have beaten these long-shots. But if they were willing to “waste” their votes on Hunter, why didn’t most back a fellow Texan? The truth is that Ron Paul, the angry prophet, has little honor in his own land. He’s about to lose his congressional seat.

This interesting article details the history of Ron Paul’s elections in both Texas and nationally.

It also touches on the anxiety felt at the national level by some Republican leaders about Paul.

David Freddoso at the NRO’s The Corner disagrees with Hill’s assessment. In Ron Paul’s Trouble at Home? his rebuttal consists of three points, including this observation about the straw poll’s results.
Hill’s other piece of evidence is a September straw poll in Dallas (six hours from Paul’s district), which Duncan Hunter won with 41 percent. None of the major candidates participated in the poll, partly because it was limited to current and former party convention delegates and alternates.

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Ron Paul: Cure For Writers’ Block 


Ron Paul: Cure For Writers’ Block

In Ron Paul’s Trouble at Home?

There’s trouble back home for Ron Paul

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