I am not a huge fan of politics. I tend to view politics right up there with Professional Wrestling. It doesn’t matter one iota who wins, the entertainment is in the storyline.

The long march to becoming the GOP candidate to face off against Obama in November has been great entertainment, Of course all good things have to come to an end. The last man standing in the way of Mitt Romney was the always colorful Ron Paul. I will miss Ron Paul, while he stood about as much chance of becoming president as Wile E. Coyote besting The Road Runner, it was fun to watch.

In fact the whole debacle was fun to watch. The Tea Party sank like they were reliving the events in Boston Harbor, they were just de-caffeinated. The great all African American vs African American title bout was cancelled after news leaked out that Herman Cain might possibly have been guilty of playing ‘hide the wiener’ with someone other than his wife.

Newt Gingrich seemed like the ideal candidate, and he stuck in the fight for way longer than I thought he would. Newter was a fighter. Of course Newt had some minor baggage, but all in all he seemed like perfect target practice. Newt bowed out.

Rick Santorum on the other hand was doomed from the outset. It was fun to watch him implode. Santorum had riled up the gay community, and they were not going to let it rest. The press hammered him into complete obscurity.

So we are left with Mitt Romney as the last man standing. Mitt comes with his own set of baggage, how he dumps it will be interesting to watch. He is disconnected to many voters. While religion should not be an issue, it is. Romney is a Mormon. This is viewed by some as being a cult. I would not go that far. But a number of years ago I did stay in a Motel that rather than stock a bible in the room opted for The Book Of Mormon. Being an avid reader, I could not resist. I found the ending somewhat lacking. If I went out farming one day and found a bunch of gold tablets, you can bet your bottom dollar I would remember exactly where I found them!

Other than this, I mostly think Mormons are OK. Some of them are a bit whacked out and want multiple wives, but I say live and let live. Personally, and I base this on decades of marriage, one week out of four is going to be a living hell while your wife does NOT have PMS. So statistically speaking if you had four wives, on any given day one of them will be ready to chop off your head.

Mormons are also big on tithing. 10% seems to be the accepted rate. But don’t we all tithe at a higher rate? Most people tithe at 30% to the tax folks, and then when we spend our few remaining dollars at the store we pay the Sales Tithe. We also tithe on our Phone, Electric, and Gas bills. Maybe the Mormon idea of 10% would save us all a lot of money?

I still think it is a huge loss for ‘unreality TV’. Watching the factions snipe at each other in the ‘debate’ season was more fun than Mythbusters!

Alas now all we have to look forward to are 6 months of boredom as Romney and Obama spar through the media.

Of course the days of ‘I can, and I will’ have been replaced by ‘he won’t, and he can’t’. Negative ad’s are all the rage. It really is not about who is better, the key is who is less worse?

Oh well, all good things must come to an end. But watching the Republican ‘would be’s’ has been fun. It is a sporting event that happens only once every four years, maybe it should be renamed The Political Olympics.

Every sporting event needs a Latin phrase, so I propose a tag line following the Olympic ideal of Citius, Altius, Fortius. For those not fluent in Latin, this translates into Fastest, Highest, Strongest. Great goals indeed. Lofty goals.

For the presidential race I would prefer something more pointed to the task. It has been almost 40 years since Latin was was on my school curriculum, but I think I have the perfect motto.

Opulentia plurimus vereor is less pretentious in its goal than the Olympic goals, but I think should be adopted for for the 2012 presidential race. A rough translation would be “wealth the most to respect”. But it can be viewed differently, the Latin word Vereor covers some wide ground, does it mean Revere, Respect, Fear, or Dread?

Only time will tell.

Simon Barrett





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