Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) may be hated by Fox News and dismissed by the mainstream media, but he now has something that no other candidate in the 2008 race can lay claim to. According to a story in Congressional Quarterly, Dr. Paul’s likeness is featured on the Liberty Dollar. Before you get too excited, I must remind you that the Liberty Dollar is a rival currency to the U.S. Mint. The Liberty Dollar has been locked up in a court battle with the Mint, who advised consumers not to use the Dollar, which is designed for barter, as legal tender.

Rep. Paul was a logical choice to be the face on the dollar, because he shares the company’s desire for a currency backed by precious metals. Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said the campaign supports, “legalized competition between Federal Reserve notes and other specie currency by allowing people to pay for goods and services with gold or silver.” The Liberty Dollar website sells $1 Copper, $20 Silver, and $1000 Gold Ron Paul Dollars. They also see themselves as competition for the U.S. Mint. According to their website, “Just as FedEx brought competition to the Post Office and it became incredibly successful, the Liberty Dollar emulates the same model by offering an inflation proof currency. Now you can become incredibly successful too. The Liberty Dollar brings free enterprise to the creation of money.”

For their part, the Paul campaign isn’t endorsing the use of Paul dollars. In fact, they aren’t even encouraging people to buy them. “We would greatly prefer that folks would just donate rather than buy a Ron Paul dollar. We think that’s the best way to help out Ron Paul,” campaign spokesperson Benton said. The people who support this currency reform are the political direct decedents of the free silver movement of the late 19th Century. There is a difference between currency policy, like Dr. Paul talks about, and separate forms of currency. Haven’t we been down this road before in our history, as far as multiple sources of currency are concerned? The unified federal currency system is vital and necessary. If you want the national debt lowered, than elect people who will be more frugal with your tax dollars, to me, spending three quarters of a trillion dollars on war isn’t very thrifty.

As far as the Ron Paul coins are concerned, I think they are a pretty neat collectable. From reading the Liberty Dollar website though, I can’t help but think that they are trying to cash in a little on Ron Paul’s on line success. The campaign is correct in saying that the best way to help the candidacy of Ron Paul isn’t by purchasing these coins, but by donating to the candidate. I am not a Paul supporter, but I do have the up most respect for the man, his message, and what his supporters are trying to accomplish. I am not so sure that the Liberty Dollar as legal currency is a very good idea, but anything that brings attention to our national debt is a good thing. On Sunday, I did a special Internet radio program about the Paul campaign that you listen to by clicking here.

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