The New Republic Published excerpts from Old Ron Paul Newsletters

The Author, James Kirchick, Says Paul Has Problems with Bigrotry
TNR Has Had Its Own Problems: Reporting Scandals Involving Glass, Shalit, Beauchamp, , Siegel and Ackerman

Will the Kirchick Article Join Them?

The same blogs who busted The New Republic’s chops for its bang-up job on the Thomas Scott Beauchamp fiasco are now holding it up as a beacon of journalistic excellence.

How did this occur, almost overnight?

Three little words: dis Ron Paul.

Trying to stay neutral in the whacked out world of Ron Paul zealots and Ron Paul haters is hard enough. Both sides can see no middle ground on the Texas Congressman and Republican Presidential candidate.

Just weeks ago, most of the right Blogosphere raked TNR over the coals and laughed at its journalistic standards over Thomas Scott Beauchamp and his faux reporting in the Baghdad Diaries (as well as other past TNR trainwrecks involving Stephen Glass, Ruth Shalit, Lee Siegel and Spencer Ackerman).

Rightly so.

Now, TNR reprints some years-old remarks from a newsletter that Ron Paul has repeatedly and pointedly denounced as “a newsletter… published under my name that I did not edit.”

Is this fair?

All’s fair in love, war and politics, they say.

What did the TNR say and what did Ron Paul 2008 say?

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Ron Paul’s Newsletter, Scott Beauchamp: Two TNR Journalistic Coups


Ron Paul’s Newsletter, Scott Beauchamp: Two TNR Journalistic Coups

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