Just like Ronald Reagan did in the years from 1968 to 1980, Ron Paul’s organization is building itself into a force to move the GOP back to the right.

And many of the people contributing to the effort are volunteers who are donating their time and talents to the cause.

A group of independent artists have contributed their talents to a project that rendered Congressman Ron Paul into a 3-D animation. They’re hoping that their video project, a 60-second commerial entitled, “The High Tide”, is able to be aired before the Pennsylvania primary.

The High Tide is not just about Presidential candidate Ron Paul, but about the idea of returning America back to it’s founding principles of freedom and liberty.

A small group of dedicated grassroots artists have created a new 60 second promo/TV ad for Presidential candidate Ron Paul, entitled “The High Tide”. The ad combines carefully edited audio from various Ron Paul speeches with high end computer animation, motion graphics, and a moving musical score, into a unique presentation that is reaching new eyes and reinvigorating the dedicated Ron Paul grassroots.

Serving as lead animator, Arcfx’s Nathan Evans conceptualized the project and reached out to various grassroots activists, tapping into individual creative talents the Ron Paul Revolution is famous for. Coming in early on, Ron Paul CNN/Youtube ad competition winner Chris Rye (AdamT from RonPaulForums.com) built the audio from famous speeches given at the Robert A. Taft Club and the Ann Arbor, Michigan rally where Ron Paul drew a crowd of over 2000.


Ron Paul’s supporters are taking a page from the Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan history books: they’re continuing to build a grassroots organization to fight for the soul of the Republican Party.

Reagan, first campaigned in 1968 and later in 1978, losing to Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. But in the process, he assembled the organization that later propelled him to a historic victory against Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and his thousands of fervent supporters may be fighting more over the soul of the Republican Party nowadays than they are for the actual presidential nomination, No it’s not your eyes It’s Republican presidential candidate and House member Ron Paul on a giant TV screen in Killeen Texas a GOP House of Representatives member from Texas who continues to campaign against Sen John McCain. Paul reported his campaign finances March 19, 2008 having raised nearly $35 million with nearly $5.6 million cash on hand and like a good conservative no debts. Seeeing how the congressman is more than 1,000 delegates shy of what he’d need to head the ticket.

With John McCain having already secured the nomination–and having left the country–Paul supporters are actively continuing the campaign for the next election, whether Paul actually runs again or not.

The 72-year-old Paul has plenty of free political time now because no Democrat, not even in Texas, is dumb enough to take him on in the November House election, which will award Paul his 11th term. On March 4, Paul vanquished his main Republican challenger in the 14th District by capturing 70% of the vote. Other than that, it was close.

Paul says he’ll continue to take his conservative message of smaller government, more personal freedoms and an end to American troops abroad wherever his followers are strong and loyal, places like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, maybe Idaho. But they’re actually all over, even allegedly liberal California, where one branch posed nearly-naked for a Hotties4RonPaul pinup calendar.

Other Paul supporters have chipped in with a music video, while others have contributed the above 3-D animation commercial project.

Ron Paul’s organization is doing it the Reagan way: building an organization, one county at a time across the country.

And they’re finding plenty of people who feel the two main parties are not listening to them.

As noted here earlier this week, Paul’s volunteers are winning GOP influence the old-fashioned way, at the grassroots level county by county, tedious meeting after tedious meeting, largely under the radar of the national media, except The Ticket. Paul’s volunteers, many of them new to politics, hope to exert some influence on the platform in St. Paul and go from there, the way the 1964 Goldwater generation of conservatives finally won in 1980 with Ronald Reagan.

What assets do the Ron Paul have in their fight to move the GOP rightwards?

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* Ron Paul: Supporters Want to Move the GOP back to the Right

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