Early Results from the Maine Caucuses Show Romney ahead, Paul 2nd

Seven Quotes from Ron Paul’s Denver Speech yesterday

Paul to be Represented at WV GOP Convention Tuesday; WV GOP Paul Delegate Totals

Is Ron Paul the Anti-McCain?

UPDATE: SATURDAY, February 2, 2008 2:15 pm

Mitt Romney took an early lead in presidential preference voting by Maine Republicans as the first returns were counted Saturday from the party’s municipal caucuses, which GOP officials said were heavily attended across the state.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, had 59 percent of the vote with 3 percent of the towns holding caucuses reporting. Ron Paul trailed with 19 percent, John McCain had 18 percent, and Mike Huckabee and undecided votes each had about 2 percent.

The nonbinding caucus votes were taking place in public schools, community centers, fire stations and town halls, and attendance was said to be heavy statewide.

The Maine Caucuses are now underway with some voting yesterday, the bulk today and a bit of it finishing up tomorrow.

Most of the candidates have been quiet in Maine, with the exception of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Romney’s son, Tagg visited Maine as a windup to a quiet campaign in Maine leading to three days of Republican voting.

Ron Paul visited the state Monday, but neither Michael Huckabee nor John McCain has shown up.

Paul is said to have an organization in Maine that could give the Texas congressman his first victory. And Huckabee could benefit from caucus votes by GOP conservatives who are capable of flexing political muscle.

After the voting is completed in Maine, this could prove to be an important contest in the Ron Paul campaign’s battle for Republican delegates.

Ron Paul was in Denver yesterday. Seven quotes from those, including RP, who were there. Meanwhile, 18 delegates will be awarded in the WV GOP convention, held this coming Tuesday. How many delegates are already pledged to Ron Paul?

Is Ron Paul the Anti-McCain?

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Ron Paul Round-Up: Maine Caucues, Denver Speech, WV Convention, Super Tuesday 


Ron Paul Round-Up: Maine Caucues, Denver Speech, WV Convention, Super Tuesday

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