Ron Paul spoke to the Delegates at the WV GOP Convention Today

His themes of Personal Liberty and Limited Government Drew Applause

But A New Idea for the War on Terror–against Al-Qaida–Had some Delegates Talking Later 

Ron Paul brought his campaign to West Virginia this morning to speak to the 1200 delegates of the WV Republican Party convention. Held in Charleston, the state capital, this is the first year for the event, which awards the winner 18 of the state’s 30 GOP delegates to the Republican National Convention.

The other 12 delegates go to the winner of the state’s May 5 Republican primary.

Ron Paul did the autograph and pictures with babies thing and before long, it was time to move into the convention hall to address the convention’s 1200 delegates.

The crowd then broke out in loud chants of “Ron Paul Revolution! Give us back our Constitution!”
The Texas Congressman stopped outside the meeting room and delivered a brief 2 minute highlight of what his platform consisted of: cutting back the size of the federal government.

Paul received particularly large cheers for the following.

“We are trying to do too much and it’s hurting our currency and the American people.”

“It’s time we took care of the people here at home and forgot about trying to take care of the rest of the world.”

Ron Paul was the first candidate to address the convention. Mitt Romney would follow and then Mike Huckabee. John McCain did not attend.

It’s doubtful many in the Mountain State were familiar with Dr. Paul, highlighting his campaign’s biggest hurdle since he entered the GOP race: name recognition.

Still, the Paul forces turned out and were easily the most enthusiastic of the delegates at the convention, creating a lot of noise for their candidate and also the impression that they might be the largest delegation (based on noise) in the convention hall.

Of course, he attacked the bloated federal government and the deficit.

“When the federal government runs out of gold and don’t have anymore to spend, the government borrows and when the government can’t borrow, it runs the printing presses, and when they do that, the value of the currency goes down.”

“The founding fathers had it right: they told us to use gold and not paper money.”

“That’s what I believe in.”
What else did Paul talk about?

What was a truly new idea to use against Al-Qaida in the War  on Terror?

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Ron Paul in WV: Unveils New Idea in War on Terror 


Ron Paul in WV: Unveils New Idea in War on Terror

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