The Ron Paul Campaign Broke Fund-Raising Record

A Rise in Mainstream Poll Numbers

Battle Against Low Name Recognition May Finally Be Turning

The battle against low name recognition may finally be turning for the Ron Paul campaign.

The Paul campaign has had no trouble generating enthusiasm from supporters, but low name recognition has hindered the Texas doctor. A fund-raising record and a rise in the polls may indicate he’s ready for a break-out.

Dismissed by critics, both in the media and in the political sphere, Paul’s campaign made a bid yesterday to prove it’s “ready for prime-time”.

The candidate continues to show grass roots support; his campaign have broken their own one-day on-line fund-raising record.

Back in November, the Paul campaign raised $4.2 million online in one day with what they call a “money bomb,” a fundraising gimmick devised by Trevor Lyman, a musician and self-appointed Paul fundraiser profiled by The Times Dan Morain yesterday. Sunday’s gimmick was to celebrate the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party on a website with a drawing of Paul that looks remarkably like that president on the penny.

The Paul campaign has shown surprising strength in fund raising and on-line polls, but that has yet to translate into mainstream poll numbers.

However, this was a time for the campaign to celebrate. The amount wasn’t raised by a small group of large donors, rather it was an avalanche of small donors–via the web–that drove the fund-raising.

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Ron Paul: Record Fund-Raising a Sign of ‘Ready For Primetime’?


Ron Paul: Record Fund-Raising a Sign of ‘Ready For Primetime’?

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