The Ron Paul Campaign Update for Sunday evening, January 27, 2008

Efforts to Ensure Accurate Delegate Count in Louisiana Continues

Re-count in New Hampshire

Paul will Campaign in Maine on Monday, January 28.

Super Tuesday Schedule with Delegate Counts

With the primary season getting ready to kick into high gear, the Ron Paul campaign is moving behind the country to cross its T’s and dot its I’s in states where voters have already cast ballots.

Super Tuesday, with its rich booty of GOP convention delegates, is looming–only eight days away.

But before Super Tuesday, the Maine GOP Caucuses takes place in most Maine towns on February 2. (Although technically running throughout Super Bowl weekend, February 1 – 3.)

Ron Paul will be campaigning in Maine tomorrow all day on January 28 in an effort to snag Maine’s 21 Republican delegates.

While the Texas Congressman is meeting and greeting citizens in the Pine Tree State, his campaign will be attending to contests already completed. Paul’s supporters are bankrolling a recount effort in New Hampshire, where there were some election worker mistakes acknowledged.

Meanwhile, the results from the Louisiana Republican Caucus–which took place this past Tuesday–are still clouded with uncertainty.

Paul’s campaign said Saturday that it has filed a complaint with the Louisiana state GOP over what it calls problems and inconsistencies in Louisiana’s process of choosing delegates.

“At this point right now, we’re not going to charge anything nefarious is going on, but it’s a very confusing process, and there have been inconsistencies, and we’re voicing our complaints now” and hoping to work out their concerns with state party leaders, Paul spokesman Jesse Benton said.

Messages left for state party leaders Saturday were not immediately returned.

What is happening in Louisiana?

Meanwhile, what’s happening in New Hampshire? What’s the situation in Maine? What states will be voting on Super Tuesday, how many delegates will be up for grabs, and where will Ron Paul be?

And why is West Virginia important in all this?
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Ron Paul Campaign Efforts in Maine, New Hampshire, Louisiana and Super Tuesday 


Ron Paul Campaign Efforts in Maine, New Hampshire, Louisiana and Super Tuesday

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