Internet User Got Behind the Paul Campaign

“It’s kind of sad, but the money is what has given us credibility, not the authenticity of the ideas.”
–Ron Paul

The New York Times looks at the Internet and Ron Paul and reports it straight–rare stuff for the Times. It’s a “make up your own mind about the Internet and Ron Paul” story in the mainstream media.

The interesting premise: Ron Paul’s campaign didn’t harness the Internet. It was the other way around: Internet-saavy users found Ron Paul and took his campaign on a ride.

More on this interesting look at the Internet phenomenon known as Ron Paul, By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE and LESLIE WAYNE at The New York Times:
From posting video on YouTube to enlisting friends through Facebook, all of the presidential candidates are looking for ways to harness the Internet. In the case of Ron Paul, the Internet has harnessed him.

If his campaign had taken place in the pre-Internet era, it might have gone the way of his 1988 Libertarian campaign for president, as a footnote to history. But because of the Internet’s low-cost ability to connect grass-roots supporters with one another — in this case, largely iconoclastic white men — Mr. Paul’s once-solo quest has taken on a life of its own.

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Ron Paul and the Internet: Who’s Riding Who? 


Ron Paul and the Internet: Who’s Riding Who?

The New York Times

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