Sorting Through the Emails, Phone Calls, Blog Posts

Until More Information Becomes Available, What is Known Now

What is Actually Taking Place in New Hampshire on January 6?

A Time Line of Events As Can Be Verified
DBKP was going to publish a timeline later today on the Ron Paul situation at the New Hampshire forum/debate/brunch/luncheon/get-together on January 6th.

We have sifted through a ton of reports, blog postings, sources, phone calls, emails and comments. We’d first like to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who has attempted to help bring order to a confused state of affairs.

That being said, there are some inaccurate reports and postings out there. When trying to trace the source of these, it either is 1) the same sources repeating wrong or inaccurate information and linking back and forth to each other, or 2) reading information into what has actually been stated.

A third possible source of inaccuracy is the “friend told it a friend who heard it from a friend” syndrome. We have several emails which directly contradict each other, each claiming the same source as proof.

While checking to see if anything new and known has popped up–not recycled reports from somewhere else already checked–we came across this posting by William Westmiller on Nolan Chart.

We do not know William. But his report below is as accurate as we have been able to verify at this point in time. It may prove to contain errors, but we couldn’t find any, based on what DBKP knows at this moment.

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Ron Paul: Debates, Forums, Fox, NH and What We Know


Ron Paul: Debates, Forums, Fox, NH and What We Know

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