A Lengthy Election Year Rant by D.H. Freeman

How is it possible?  The presidential polls continue to show Romney and Obama in a dead heat, week after week after week. ( link1 ) Our economy is in the gutter with our nations debt ballooning by $5 trillion under BHO’s regime.  The plague of major unemployment/underemployment continues.   On the world stage, we’re coming across as amateurish clowns.  The middle east is in turmoil.  If our disaster of a president is not out on the golf course then he can usually be found throwing lavish, star-studded parties at the White House.  While Rome burns.

Does Mitt Romney even play golf?   Certainly it’d be unlikely that we would ever see him bowing before any world leader.  One would expect Romney, with his experience and proven track-record,  to be ahead by a furlong or 2 but instead it’s likely to end in a photo finish.

So why the lack of momentum in the Romney campaign?  Why the overall lack of enthusiasm for the Republican party in general?  And can it get worse?  Is it conceivable that B. Hussein Obama  might actually win on 11/6/12? 

You’d better believe it is possible and if the Republicans can’t come out of their deep denial, it is very likely this nation will suffer 4 more years of Obama. 

One really has to give credit to the Obama campaign and democrat strategists.  They’ve done something that the GOP failed to do.  Something that the GOP is afraid to do, quite honestly.  They got their fingers on the pulse of the average unwashed Middle American and have found something significant.  What’ve they uncovered?  A massive, growing tumor of worry/angst/anxiety that  Mom/Pop middle America are carrying on their already overburdened shoulders.   It remains “the economy stupid” in a sense but it goes much, much deeper than that now days.  Many out in flyover country believe that a large portion our nations economy is being incrementally dismantled, packed in shipping containers and sent overseas.   They see our nations wealth, jobs, technology and intellectual property leaving our shores and being transported to foreign lands where cheap, slavish labor is abundant.   Almost 5.5 million U.S. manufacturing jobs lost between 2000-2010.   Also, IT jobs, Call Center jobs – gone.  These “were” the jobs and livelihood of Middle America and their offspring and they’re being exported at an alarming rate!   And what are these lost careers being replaced with?   Burger flipping/Mall Retail jobs.  Under-employment.   Low-wage jobs are on a sharp increase while the creation of medium-high paying jobs is stagnant ( link2 ) and losing ground.  Even the, globalist  WSJ is finally beginning to see the damage that globalization is doing to our nation ( link3 recommend click on the video tab).

And what does all this mean to our nations economy and the lifestyle of our citizenry?  When Mom/Pop middle America are forced into low, subsistence-wage type jobs?  Well, they generally have no extra money in their bank accounts at the end of the month.  No trips to the family’s favorite pizza parlor every other Friday night.  Not trips to the mall on Saturdays.  No vacations.  They stop depositing $$ into their 401K accounts.  They opt to make their old, ragged mini-van last a few more years rather than go into debt for a new(er) one.  They keep their old furniture rather than purchase new.  They stop spending money!

So the owner of the above mentioned pizza parlor suffers from an extreme downturn in business and she decides to put on hold plans to purchase a new walk-in freezer and roof-top A/C units.   The local refrigeration company that sells and services this sort of equipment goes out of business because hundreds of other restaurants are also in trouble.  The furniture store and car dealerships go belly-up. 

A wise man recently coined the term, “trickle up poverty”.   And that’s what we’re experiencing.  Over the past 2 decades plus, we’ve seen a chipping away at the “trickle down prosperity” brought on during the Reagan era.  Reagan was a trade realist ( link4 ) and had the wisdom to understand that, like our nations shores, our nations economy also must have certain protections built around it.  He protected Harley-Davidson, the steel industry, the semi-conductor industry and others from the dumping of products on world markets by other nations whose governments heavily subsidized their industries giving them extreme unfair advantages.  He had true empathy for America’s working class – that he came out of.  Especially those non-union/non-government, private sector workers who neither have nor want representation.  Those living in Right-to-Work states who are willing to take a job, work hard and have the courage and integrity to deal directly with their employer, face to face without a union rep sitting across the table.  Reagan certainly would not have sat idle, aloof and indifferent as millions of America’s best private sector  jobs were offshored —  as his heartless successors (rabid free-traders all) have done.

So the democrats happened upon this phenomena among Middle America and they have (and continue to) successfully exploited it to the max through a series of Romney/Bain/Outsourcing Jobs ads that have been run via prime-time TV on many of the most common cable channels.  Channels that Middle America frequents.  Channels that feature pawn stars, storage wars, classic car auctions and restorations, etc.  Absolutely brilliant on the part of democrat strategists!  And of course, where are the Romney/GOP ads to counter?  Crickets chirping.  The only thing they could come up with was a decent website “but” few people even know it exists ( link5 ).  The fact is, the Republican elitist/hierarchy appears to be completely clueless and disconnected regarding the enormity of this particular issue regarding the extreme negative effects [to our economy] of totally unrestrained free international trade.  They’re so out of touch that they seem to think, “no one wants these jobs.  Just let them go over seas”.   Its amazing to watch.  These people are generally smart and well educated. How could they be so disconnected? 

And its not only the GOP hierarchy.  Conservative pundits & talk radio also have this huge Blind Spot.  Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, et al  are  clueless.  Off on their tangents.  And as a result, much of the impact that they once had has been lost, sadly.  All they do is sit around and tell us what we already know about the Leftist BHO and his crew.  Over and over and over again.  As if we’re supposed to be shocked and appalled after hearing it for the thousandth time!    Many waited for Sarah & Todd Palin to take up the standard and become advocates for working middle America.  Sadly, that never happened.  They just took the money and ran.   And the ambiguous Tea Party has been a big disappointment failing to completely define themselves.  Unable to even get most Tea Party candidates elected (with a few exceptions, however).    All the above mentioned seem to be able to do is scrunch up their face and whine about how, “we’re spending our grand children’s money!” in a whimpering, cracking voice.  Or they spend all of their capital, pandering to one of the smallest voting blocks that exists – “small business and the entrepreneur!”  Many of whom want Obamacare b/c then they don’t have to pay.  Many of whom also hire illegals if they can save a nickel per hour.  And many contract with Chinese or foreign manufacturers to make their products in sweat shops manned by nothing less than slave labor.  Wasted political capital on a small block of voters.  Small business and the entrepreneur.  That’s all you seem to hear anyone on the GOP side talk about. What about the return of large industry/manufacturing to the U.S.?  Wouldn’t that be preferable?

The irony is that if you combine the outsourcing and other forms of redistribution that The Left, under the Obama admin, has engaged in, it is greater and increasing sharply.  Remember The Left owns the democrat party now and The Left is made up of hard-core redistributionists.  Make no mistake.  The more of our Nations wealth, jobs and prosperity that they can ship abroad, the better they like it.  And it should be a simple task for the GOP to make this case, but again all we hear them telling us is what we already know about the Leftist B. Hussein Obama.  Over and over and over ad nauseam.    

So what then?  Should Romney declare that he’ll build a Legislative Berlin Wall around America to keep the jobs and industry here?  Heaven forbid – No!  Most every American knows that we need foreign / cross borders trade.  But the emphasis should be on fair trade.  Neither should we throw away a system of labor/management that has worked well for decades and decades.  Actually since 1914 when Henry Ford doubled his workers wages ( link6 )  hence creating a prosperous middle class that generally had money left over in their pockets after paying their bills at the end of the month.  Extra money to spend, donate or save.  Building a separate and prosperous sub-economy catering to the middle class but simultaneously helping the nations entire economy.  It’s the loss of that middle class sub-economy that is killing our nations economy presently.

Many corporatists and ruling elite feel, though,  that the days of America’s middle class are numbered and unsustainable.   But if you want to see an unsustainable house of cards, take a look at those aspects of China that the Chinese government attempts to keep hidden – but can’t:  1)  Of the 20 dirtiest cities in the world, China has 16 on that list. ( link7 )   Heavy, unhealthy particulate matter in the air, polluted ground water and a severe problem finding places to put their massive amounts of garbage. Filthy pollution so bad that it effects the health of the population. (the US has zero on that list of dirtiest cities-we have clean cities despite what we’ve been brainwashed to believe)    2)  Did you hear about the Suicide Nets that are strung outside the windows of multi-storied Chinese Factories?  ( link8 ) Workers being paid about 30 cents per hour, forced to work 7 days, sometimes 24 hours per day.  Forced to live in tight company dorm bunks stacked 6 high?  Fed a bowl of rice and boiled cabbage soup twice a day.  These poor slave laborers reach a point that they feel their only option is to make a run for the window and jump to their deaths.   Hence, the suicide nets.  3)  100 million mentally ill Chinese!  ( link9 ) And yes, you’d be mentally ill, too if you had to work and live in those conditions.  The Chinese people yearn for freedom, prosperity and a clean environment.  They’re being denied all of these and are living in no less than slave-like conditions.  And we’re empowering it!!  Watch the China Blue video ( link10 ).   It’ll break your heart. 

The truth is  that China is a house of cards and what is happening there is  – unsustainable.  If  China is smart, they’ll model/pattern their future economy after the USA.  Pace themselves before they  burn-out.  Treat their workers well. Pay them a living wage. Give them leisure time.  And, of course it costs more to manufacture things in the U.S.  We don’t condone or allow this sort of worker exploitation.  Nor should we.

And, folks, this is the way millions of voters out in fly-over country see things.  We have a good system here.  Why export our nations very best jobs?   Most Americans do not trust Free Trade Agreements ( link11 ).   They don’t feel that they’ll increase  jobs/prosperity in our nation.  These FTA’s are designed to help only a few at the top.  Yet our elected GOP senators and representatives continue to completely disrespect and ignore the population and vote for these free trade disasters!  Even the Tea Party slipped up and took a stand against Free Trade Agreements ( link12 ).  Better late than never, huh?  But they, too, were ignored and brushed aside even by so-called Tea Party politicians. 

But who even knew that 62% of the Tea Party opposed Free Trade agreements?  Who knew?  Pew knew, that’s who: ( link13 ).  Because the Tea Party leadership has done such a piss-poor job of defining itself, overall.  They seldom mentioned this.   No doubt the Tea Party would’ve been much more popular and would’ve had many more (donating) members had people known where the Tea Party stood on these issues related to trade and corporate cronyism.  But no.   All the Tea Party leadership seemed to be able to do was to roll up on the floor in the fetal position and whimper about how, “we’re spending our grand children’s money!”.   Fairly pathetic showing from them, so far.   They’ve had a few victories that they love to tout ( link14 ) but overall they’ve blown so many opportunities.  They could have easily lured a large number from the OWS movement into their ranks but all they did was point a critical finger and sneer, “go get a job” along with Limbaugh, et al.  What an absolute tragedy.

So, let us get back to you Mr. Romney.  What should you do if you want a very, very, very wide victory margin over BHO and The Left come 11/6/12?  Step by Step:  1)  Remaining silent about this jobs outsourcing issue will simply make this massive block of  middle American voters more and more angry.  Like pouring gasoline on the fire.  But at the same time, talking about it will draw the ire of a small group of elitists [supposedly on our side].  You’ll be branded a populist, protectionist sell-out.  Look what happened to Newt Gingrich after the South Carolina primary debate, for goodness sake!  He had the gall to make a tiny complaint about U.S. factories shutting down and jobs being lost. The crowd went wild for him, remember?  He succumbed, sadly,  to the criticisms of the elitists and his campaign sank like a rock in water.  So Mr. Romney, do you want the massive block of working voters or the small group of GOP elitists?  You make the call.    2) So, who better than you, sir, to fix this mess (like you fixed the Olympics).  You, with your strong connection(s) with corporate America, approaching them and simply asking them, “please, if you are considering offshoring your factories or business, please hold-off on that decision.  Give us a chance to create a better business climate after 1/21/13.”   Do this now, sir,  before we lose more U.S. jobs.  Start leading now!   You are the most qualified for this but it will take courage.   3)  Sir, creating a better business climate must include cutting ridiculous regulations (i.e mostly from the radical environmental movement) and lowering corporate taxes drastically.  Even to zero.  Most reasonable voters understand this.  But if you want the support of  the populace (and you’ll need it to get this implemented), then you must place conditions on the latter especially — lowering of corporate taxes.  Conditions such as hiring US workers, utilizing the E-Verify program for all of their employees, not offshoring jobs,  not offshoring technology developed in the U.S. (so that it can be stolen by foreign interests)  and providing low-cost medical insurance for your employers — eliminating the need for socialized medicine once and for all.  These basic conditions 1st – then lower (or eliminate all together) corporate taxes.

So, in essence, we have something similar to what happened on the Meadow of Runnymede almost 800 years ago.  Middle America has this Workers Magna Carta rolled out on a tree stump, addressed to Corporate America and the GOP Elite that says something to the effect, “If you want us to stop electing Leftists  and support you, then you’d better listen up.  Put our nation and  its citizenry first.  World opinion = low priority.  Stop pandering/groveling to foreign governments.  Stop incrementally shutting down our nations economy and sending its jobs and technology overseas.  Stop turning your back on your fellow Americans.  Stop ignoring the fact that we have sovereign borders and start enforcing these borders.  Stop giving jobs that rightfully and lawfully belong to U.S. citizens over to those who are in country illegally.  Stop sending money to foreign nations so that they can start up businesses that compete directly and unfairly with U.S. businesses.   In return we, the American non-union/non-government, private sector workers give you this:  We recognize that you have been over-regulated. We pledge our support in fighting those radical environmental elements that have made it almost impossible to operate heavy industry / manufacturing on U.S. soil.  We will stand with you shoulder to shoulder and fight them to the best of our ability.  We will support tort reform to stop the vulture lawyer class from frivolous lawsuits against you.   We recognize that U.S. corporations and businesses have been over-taxed.  We pledge that, under certain conditions, to oppose corporate taxes.  Those conditions:  hire U.S. workers, use E-Verify, don’t outsource jobs overseas and provide low-cost medical insurance for your employees.  Help us make the U.S.A. the best place in the world to live and work for all of the proud classes of our society.  We now have 23 Right-to-Work states (and that number will grow) filled with motivated, educated and capable workers that will help you build a successful, world-class business that can compete on world markets.  We don’t begrudge the rich their riches here in the U.S.A.   So, corporate America,  don’t begrudge us our jobs by pulling them and sending them to some 3rd world nation that hates us.  We extend our hand.  Lets partner-up and get to work.”   

Or so one would like to imagine it.  But this is the sort of clout that the US non-union/non-gov’t worker “could” have if they had some sort of cohesiveness.  This is what the Tea Party could have done.  Its what Mitt Romney and the GOP could do if they could break the chains that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, et al have bound them with.  But instead, they have this Self-Imposed Blind Spot.  This condition of severe denial.  You don’t take away the livelihood/prosperity from a massive segment of the voting population, give them crumbs in return and then expect there would be no negative political repercussions.  That’s a big, bad blind spot!   If they can not break free from these chains and see the real situation then there will definitely be a need to create a new political party that will serve and represent this massive block of estranged voters – the U.S. Private Sector Worker.  A new 2nd party that will replace the political party that is now dying and withering on the vine.  Which party is that?  You decide.   

If you agree with this, pass it around…   D.H. Freeman

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