Word from News Radio 950 WWJ is that Mitt Romney — native Detroiter, ex-governor of Massachusetts, and son of Mexican Mormon[*] and three-time Michigan governor George Romney — is going to speak at tomorrow’s Detroit Economic Club meeting. Will he take the opportunity to make an early announcement of his bid for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination? He’ll be back to his home state to kick off that campaign on February 13th — just in time for Valentines Day.

It continues to be a mystery why the GOP thinks Michigan is with them, but it sure is nice to have so many important visitors.

I met Mitt several years back, at my last high school reunion (the event was multi-generational — disclosure: I went to a really swanky high school), and that man either has the biggest rear or the worst tailor of any presidential hopeful. Still, he seemed nice enough — but then again, so did Jesse Helms, who I met when I was eight, and that man was the devil.

* Please see the Wikipedia article to verify this claim, but in part it reads:

[George] Romney was born in the Mexican state of Chihuahua to Gaskell Romney and Anna Amelia Pratt. Romney’s grandparents were Mormons who fled the United States when the Mormon church disavowed polygamy; polygamy was a federal crime in the U.S. but ignored in remote Mexican villages. When the Mexican Revolution broke out, Romney’s family went to Oakley, Idaho, and finally ending up in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Why do we Michiganders keep electing foreign-born nationals?

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