The Press Fascination with Mike Huckabee

What’s his P-Harmony Score?

Why not Date for awhile first? 

The news these days is full of Huckabee gushing. Words like, Huckabee “surges” to the head of the Iowa Poll. Gosh, darn, look at that Huckabee go. What a “nice” guy this Huckabee is.

Makes one wonder, all these head-over-heels in love with Huckabee pundits. Did you guys go back and read Huckabee’s “P-Harmony” or political profile? Are you sure, in the long run, that Huck’s gonna be the one?

Just in case you glossed over or even missed Huck’s Political Compatibility Profile let’s go back and take a look.

The Four Compatibility Dimensions of Mike Huckabee

Emotional Temperament

Instead of relying on the information supplied by Huck’s campaign, after all those guys are paid to make Huck look good, or the newly “fallen” for Huck folks, we’ve gone back to those who’ve known Huck, back in the days when Huck ran for governor of Arkansas and also served as Governor.

We read about Huck from Max Brantley, a journalist and editor of an alternative weekly from Little Rock who’s been in a P-Relationship with Huck since 1991.
Before we begin, though, a word of warning to any reporters who might want to repeat, on air or in print, any of the facts recounted below. Huckabee does not take kindly to journalists who practice journalism.

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Romancing the Huckabee: P-Harmony Anyone? 


Romancing the Huckabee: P-Harmony Anyone?

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