Bishops Draft Rules on Ministering to Gays
Gay Catholic leaders who had read the draft predicted that
it would only further alienate gays and their families from
the church.


It is sad to see the Roman Catholic Church ever more deeply entangled in its own deeply perverse sexual hang-ups.  Celibacy was not the way for it to have gone — it inevitably induces deviant sex (or worse pedophilia) wherever it is practiced.  British (Anglican) academics not permitted to marry until relatively recent times also pounced on arriving undergraduates.  Prisoners practice gay sex.  We humans are irreducibly erotic animals and our natures ought be steered, not caged.

For the record I despise sexual exploitation — prostitution, marital rape, seduction of the naive, promiscuity — practiced by gays or heterosexuals.  But as one trained in theology as well as philosophy, I became well aware that the Roman Catholic perversities were not the heritage of Jesus of Nazareth to Christians.  The hater, Saint Paul, who accused the Jews of killing Jesus and other slurs that induced two millennia of pogroms, denigrated women to their disadvantage in the Catholic Church to the present, and recommended that the only good gay was a dead one (in his Letter to the Romans), set running sick gender and ethnic attitudes that still pervade the pronouncements of this institution trapped in its own accidentally adopted dogmas.  Abortion only became an issue along with contraception — neither having any warrant in Scriptures or the source documents of Christianity — the Gospels and Hebrew Bible — by the accident of the First Vatican Council (1868) which produced right wing stuff such as denial of abortion, papal infallibility, etc. after the progressives had either died off in the unhealthy environment of Rome or left for home to get back to their duties:

What are particularly disturbing are the killings of innocents ranging from alleged witches (100,000 women burned to death in the Inquisition) to the spread of AIDS with the opposition to contraception, the deaths of starving children whose parents can neither escape producing them in Catholic countries nor find means to care for them.  Thousands of women desperately seeking abortions are butchered in Catholic dominated countries each year.  The latest atrocity in one of them is that abortions — even to save the life of the mother — will probably be outlawed (women to be jailed from 6 to 30 years) in a current referendum supported by the Church in Nicaragua.

Needless to say decent Catholics are appalled by the sick declarations on such issues by the authoritarian Catholic hierarchy — modeled on the worst features of the rule of the brutal and perverse Roman Emperors.  This church was captured by the conversion of Constantine, not the other way around.  Sadly I have watched too many of my peers and friends among the Catholic clergy — nuns and priests — leave their beloved institution because they could no longer stomach its abuses.  In my field of philosophy of law the leading Catholic lights had their publications suppressed as were those of reform Catholic theologians, often expelled from their positions in Catholic colleges and universities for their criticisms of its hierarchy of men wearing dresses.

What a sad ending to an in some ways fine tradition — not with a bang but with the whimpering of abused women and children!

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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