Despite being turned away yesterday, my sources in the Democratic Party tell me Illinois Senator designate Roland Burris will be seated sooner than later, sooner meaning weeks end or first thing Monday. The remaining issue in welcoming Senator designate Burris, is really one of allowing senate majority leader Harry Reid the appearance of dignity as he wipes the egg off his face.
Having offered so declarative a statement, after first seeking consensus with his colleagues [in respect to any individual Governor Rod Blagojevich might appoint] Senator Reid is left attempting the always awkward Potomac two step sans fellow democrats. The Illinois secretary of state didn’t help the matter by going on drive time talk radio, to observe his way out of the mess, by claiming his signature is a non-binding formality not actually required by law to seat the new junior Senator.

Pity he said that after Harry went before the nation to say gosh darn it, the entire mess is all about the lack of that signature. I said in a prior post, the majority leader’s behavior smacked of possible racism, someone took time to e-mail me and list the particulars of the Senators record in respect to ethnic and gender issues.
Since the e-mail had a .gov addy, I will assume it factual and offer my apology to the esteemed majority leader in respect to the suggestion his motives might have been racially motivated. I will even go so far as to allow his fellow Senators left him hanging on the issue. But when you’re in charge the buck stops at your desk.
In point of fact the entire leadership of the party, including President Elect Obama, fumbled the ball on this play and allowed the GOP to define the talking points. Blagojevich may in fact be a corrupt SOB who will be wearing prison stripes soon enough, But that has nothing to do with the fact he remains the Governor till he is impeached and convicted. DID WE LEARN NOTHING from eight years of a President who uses the constitution for toilet paper!!!!!!!!!

The screw up could actually be a positive; evidently the transition team and the congress still have some bugs to work out in respect to message discipline. Sources report the President Elect spoke to the senate leadership two days ago, told them to resolve the issue and seat Burris as soon as possible, which makes comments by Senator Reid that he does not work for Barack Obama another news cycle of talking points for the GOP and folks at FOX.

Reporters from the mainstream media, despite decades of the GOP defining them as the liberal media are anything but and in this age of a 24/7 news cycle and cut throat competition, mainstream journalism is all about creating hype and controversy. Which explains why, one of President Obama’s most difficult task’s ahead, is getting us out of a war, A war the media sold to the American people before bothering to check the facts.

That’s my view I’m sure yours is different

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