Blogging from PHOENIX— Is the promise of change we can believe in being tainted by a closet racist? Illinois senator designate Roland Burris as promised was prohibited from taking his seat by majority leader Harry Reid today. But the back story may be in statements the Beleaguered Illinois Governor claims the majority leader made before revelations republican U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was taping the conversations.

Prosecutor Fitzgerald  stunning request to delay taking the Governor to court for at least ninety days is a political signal to the president Elect, he is sitting on a mountain of democratic damnation, and he intends to use it to obtain premium political placement in the new administration. Like the late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover who built an empire based on black mail, Prosecutor Fitzgerald is sitting in the cat bird’s seat when it comes to truck loads of tape recorded conversations between powerful democrats.

The soon to be impeached Blagojevich claims Harry Reid is on tape, prior to the Governors arrest making it clear the appointment of any African American to fill the senate seat being vacated by President elect Obama, would be unacceptable.

A cursory examination of Senator Reid’s political record shows, when it comes to promoting prospective candidates for office, Harry sure seems to prefer white people. The Nevada Senator even felt compelled to make the Sunday morning talk show circuit protesting, perhaps too loudly that the record is misleading, really he wants Americans to know he likes black folks just fine, and we ought not to read racism into his past decision to promote white candidates over blacks in every instance.

Despite fawning media characterization of prosecutor Fitzgerald as a non partisan caped crusader for truth and justice. The reality remains he was and is a pure political animal, which is not really a bad thing provided your looking out for the greater good, But like Rudy Giuliani its pretty evident he is using his stint as U.S Attorney to cultivate political power. And depending on how many of the transition team he has on tape, he could leverage himself into a deputy attorney generals appointment and if he has the BIG Kahuna on tape, he might file away those recorded chats to be traded in for a future nod as FBI director or Supreme Court justice. Since most people in the legal profession speak well of Fitzgerald, and the neo cons despise him, It indicates aside from the behavior political necessity dictates, he must being doing a good job.

What we can depend on knowing is only those tapes that discredit Governor Blagojevich will see the light of day anytime soon. The one bright spot in a week where Senate leadership demonstrated on an almost hourly basis new depth in defining feckless, Leon Panetta was selected to become the new CIA director, The President elect true to his campaign promise is attempting to establish a team that may have a chance of changing the culture of corruption that controls the capitol.
What is troubling is the number of democrats who make it clear they intend to become an obstacle in the Presidents path toward reform, which explains why Mr. Obama is reaching out to so many moderate republicans. I suspect the President Elect intends to use the same flanking strategy to defeat establishment democrats in the congress he used in the primary against Senator Clinton, if he builds a coalition of progressive democrats and moderate republicans, power brokers like Harry Reid become as irrelevant as the fat cat financial donors who controlled the party before the advent of the Internet and blogs.

That’s my view I’m sure yours is different

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