Sometime around midnight last night Rodney King appears to have found himself on the wrong end of a shotgun barrel. There are not many details available, but early reports are indicating that he was cycling home on 5th Street and Meridian Avenue in San Bernardino near the border of Rialto and San Bernardino in Southern California, and was peppered with shotgun pellets. The injuries are not life threatening although King remains at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton.

He was able to make it home before calling the police. In late breaking news KNX-1070 are reporting that King was struck in the face and arm with a shotgun. Police are also claiming that when they arrived at King’s home, King and others inside appeared intoxicated and were not cooperative in providing information.

There is some speculation that this was the result of a domestic dispute.

King first came to national fame in 1991 when he was the victim of a severe beating by the LAPD which was videotaped. The subsequent trial of the policemen involved sparked a series of riots in Los Angeles that caused millions of dollars worth of property damage.

Simon Barrett

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