One of the founding principles of American jurisprudence, the precept all defendants are entitled to competent representation. The impeachment trial which began today, is little more than a choreographed political persecution. The Governor was well advised to skip it, and head to the big apple to make the rounds of the talk shows, in hopes of cultivating the attention of future members of a federal jury when he must attend the festivities.
Were I defending the Governor in his future criminal trial, I would focus on the individual representing the State, Republican U.S. Attorney Patrick FitzGerald, of course lawyers are not permitted to say it quite that way in public, but if you discredit the messenger the jury tends to ignore his argument and focus on the proof he offers, if you can follow up discrediting the prosecutor by creating the appearance the evidence he presents is tainted, your client walks or at least draws a hung jury card which is as good in this type of prosecution.

To counter a queered case, the prosecutor must successfully demonize the defendant in public, so it matters little to a jury the prosecutor is a liar and his proof is simply the pudding served in a kangaroo court, hence the real reason Rod is getting ahead of the media circus and attempting to appeal directly to that future pool of peers who will decide his fate. The federal Jury pool from which the state will draw in this case, has a higher percentage of black women than most, which explains why the Governor mentioned how he only wished he could have appointed Oprah to fill the vacant senate seat today.

Rod made may swear a great deal and seems consumed by material gain, but the people and media attempting to bury him has been five moves behind so far. The liberal and progressive media made a hero of Patrick when he brought Scooter Libby to justice, which was a brilliant master stroke on the part of the Bush administration. Attorney FitzGerald was and is a loyal neoconservative federalist and the main stream media was snookered, but considering they bought the “evidence” for weapons of mass destruction hook line and sinker it’s not surprising.

The best defense for the soon to be ex-governor of Illinois is to pursue disclosure of every single minute of the infamous tape recordings and demand they be entered into evidence. Yes I hear those of you with law degrees, gasping for breath but the tactic is to make sure Pat knows far from attempting to exclude the tapes you intend to make sure the jury hears it all. Assistant US Attorney Patrick FitzGearld still has a job because he controls the tapes and many folks in Illinois and the executive branch hope they never see the light of day, it’s the reason he isn’t joining the other Bush people on the unemployment line.

How much damage the tapes could do is known only to the participants and Attorney FitzGerald and they hope to keep it that way. If a jury thinks for a second the prosecutor is responsible for suppressing evidence his credibility is lost and since neither Fitzpatrick or the democrats want the tapes played in open court they will argue against admission at which point a good attorney by hook or crook will make sure the jury knows his defendant wanted them to hear all the tapes, A jury listening to the argument of a discredited prosecutor aware evidence is being withheld equals acquittal.

I speculate if Rod continues to run circles around the press and prosecutor he just may end up making millions in book deals and perhaps star in the movie and with the economy being what it is, would you rather be Governor of a state in economic crises or living large in Hollywood. That’s my view yours may be different.

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