Robson Arms cover

Music Video Distributors have put out the complete first season of the comedy-drama Robson Arms.  This Canadian fare is quite a bit different from current US TV offerings in that there is plenty of steamy sex, no laugh track and it is quite interesting to watch.  It is very “Canadian” and if you don’t know what that means, then that is just a good excuse to buy this and to see what I mean.

The cast is ecletic and the only member US patrons will easily recognize is Margot Kidder, who is back in great form with no trace of the dysfunction that was once a staple of her personal life.  The other actors are famous in Canada (i.e. Mark Mckinney, Fred Ewanick & Gabrielle Miller and you might recognize them when you see them -look at the above picture to job your memory).  They are not featured every week and there are plenty of new people consistently added to the main cast which gives this show a fresh feeling every episode.

Robson Arms is an older Tudor-styled walk-up apartment building on the west side of Vancouver.  The cast interacts with each other weekly and, as mentioned, new people are always being added to the mix.  One interesting side-note is that the band, The Troubadours, comment on the state of the building’s tenants through song over the opening credits.  It is an acoustical guitar thing that is pretty cool.  No annoying “Friends” theme to keep you up at night.

One good thing about compilation videos is that you can watch each episode at your own pace, you know… before TiVO….or life as it is for those of us who can’t afford TiVO.  The show moves at a decent pace and because of the rampant sexuality, pot-friendly atmosphere it really does keep you interested.  The characters are interesting, but the plot is such that you feel like each week semi-wraps up so that there isn’t too much of that annoying “waiting-ness” that you get with US soaps. 

Personally, I enjoyed this series and think that it would be a great “pre-summer” buy and will give you something great to watch instead of stale reruns.

To order this collection go to and click on Visual.



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