I thought they were already. Here in Germany, I mean. Anyway, thanks to “modern food preparation technology” you can now go out to eat at a place in Nuremburg where you don’t have to deal with those annoying, snooty and pesky waiters at all anymore. The machines do all of that for them now. “Jeez. Just leave me alone, HAL. I’m tryin’ to eat.”

No tips necessary, either. And that’s probably why this place is so popular at the moment. Just think Jetsens only more non-cartoon-like. You place your order per touch screen and then your food slides down these spiral and futuristic metallic tracks directly to your table. And for a small additional fee I bet you can probably even have this stuff pre-chewed for you.

Talk about science marching on. In the land of ideas, I mean. That one marched right past us up here in Berlin, though, thank goodness. Although I can’t imagine that the Hauptstadt (capital) will remain verschont (spared) for very much longer.

They are everywhere, you know, these machines. I hear them talking sometimes, late at night. And sometimes in the subway, too (you know; “Zurück bleiben”, stuff like that). You know, those evil telepathic machine voices everywhere and all the time. And don’t pretend like you don’t hear them because I know you do. But that’s another story. I think.

What’s that you say HAL? “I’ll be back?”

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