Robert Daniels the 27 year old tuberculosis patient held for months in a room draped to block out the sun and denied appropriate treatment by sheriff Joe Arpaio. Until mounting National media pressure forced county health officials to allow travel for medical treatment in Colorado has fled to Russia, unable to “take the abuse” any more, his lawyer reported.

Declared by Maricopa county Arizona health officials to be suffering from a deadly drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis Sheriff Arpaio placed him in solitary confinement in a Maricopa county jail ward in August 2006.

Local officials often displayed a Jim Crow style attitude, When Daniels plight began filtering into the Blog and counter culture media. Internet journalists began questioning the sheriffs brutal treatment of the Russia National. 

Daniels who faced becoming one of many in a long list of inmates who die while in the Sheriff’s custody. Avoided a lingering death when the national media attention focused on an Atlanta lawyer suffering a similar condition.

Fearing the potential of losing another multimillion dollar lawsuit related to the sheriffs ongoing pattern of human rights violations. The county buy finasteride canada over the sheriffs objection permitted Daniels to travel under armed guard to Colorado for medical treatment.

The Sheriff in interviews after ward expressed the attitude that somehow Daniels was responsible for the negative national publicity and vowed to find a reason to place the Russian born American back in his jail. 

Warned of the dire consequences that often befall those who anger the Sheriff it seems Mr. Daniels choose to seek refuge in Russia. It is also reliably reported by Doctors in Colorado who treated Daniels that Arizona county medical authorities misdiagnosed Daniels to begin with and he in fact did not suffer from the deadly type of T.B which the sheriff claimed justified his solitary confinement.

Had the sheriff simply allowed medical staff at the county hospital to give Daniels appropriate medical care he might still have both lungs.

It is not known at this time if the sheriff will attempt to send some of his reputed infamous black bag operatives to Russia  in an attempt to capture and return Daniels to Arizona. 

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