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Man circles globe under own power

Most of us would consider a road trip to be a day long or weekend jaunt.  Others may decide to be like the Griswold’s and load the Family Truckster for an vacation in Wally World.  Then there’s this guy named Jason Lewis.  Lewis stepped into a tiny pedal powered boat and made his way out into the English Channel.  The other day, Lewis pedaled back into the Channel, 13 years after he started out.

The trip covered an incredible 46,000 miles, and wasn’t without incident.  When Lewis began his journey, there was a partner involved, another chap named Steve Smith.  Smith, however, didn’t complete the trip.  It seems by the time the two had reached the United States from England, they weren’t getting along.  It could have been just the idea of being cooped up with someone else for 111 consecutive days.  Crossing the Atlantic included mishaps with an ocean going trawler, a whale, and a Cuban gunboat.  Smith also got swept overboard once in high seas.  For whatever reason, Lewis and Smith wound up crossing the US independently.
Lewis clocked that 3500 miles on roller skates, and got hit by a car, but only once.  When both arrived in San Francisco, they teamed up again for the leg to Hawaii, but the Blue Pacific held no magic for the two, and once they made landfall the partners said Aloha for good.  Lewis continued on his own, in a kayak, to Australia.  Uneventful, except for the crocodile that bit off the end of his paddle.

Then it was off to Asia, and Africa after that.  Months later he crossed into Egypt without permission, and was detained on suspicion of being a spy.  Once that was all sorted out, he paddled the Mediterranean to reach Europe, then that last leg across the continent to get back home.

Lewis said that when he started out, he was actually ‘running away’ from jolly old London Towne.  13 years later, he feels a little differently about that.  A website called Expedition 360 traces his route from beginning to end.

News Source: Fox News

The Journey: Expedition 360

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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