This week on the program Mannie Barling, Simon Barrett and our colorful guests will be taking a long hard look at the two conventions. Both offered moments of drama, or were they moments of insanity?

The quest for the White House is actually determined by a very small percentage of voters. Those registered as Republicans or Democrats will vote along party lines. It would not matter if Bozo The Clown was the candidate! What decides the answer of who gets into the White House is decided by a very small percentage of voters, it might be as much as 10%, but likely it is a far smaller percentage, some say 4%.

Adding even more complexity is the bizarre situation that elections are won or lost. Not by popular vote, but rather on a state by state vote. There are Red States and there are Blue States, the results are a foregone conclusion. There are some 8 or 9 states that vacillate. These are the ones, the only ones, that seem to matter to politicians!

In the past two weeks both party’s have held their conventions, but did either of them score a point with the undecided voter? I am not sure. They were both bizarre, and neither seemed to capture the voters attention. The RNC had to deal with the very strange Empty Chair discussion, It worked great on Twitter, but does a Twitter success equate to votes? I suspect not.

The DNC fared little better, while they didn’t have the ‘Empty Chair’ problem, they did have their own series of challenges. The final night (Thursday) should have been a great finale. But was it?

I liked Joe Biden, he is an eloquent speaker, but I can’t say that I liked much else.

I have no ‘dog in this fight’, but what bothers me more than anything else is the obvious disregard for the serious nature of these conventions. The attendees would seem better off at ComiCon. Silly outfits, ridiculous hats, how can anyone take this stuff seriously?

Join us on Sunday, Mannie and I are ‘ready to rumble’

Simon Barrett

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