The Houses of Parliament in London , England , is a place where many senior government officials meet, and many high profile visitors come every year. However, according to a recent report officials, visitors, and members of Parliament could be at risk from exposure to asbestos in the Houses of Parliament.

Reports claim that there are ‘significant dangers’ to all people in the Palace of Westminster following an investigation of the service shafts in the building, which is one hundred and seventy years old. The report was put together by health and safety officials. It is thought that there are over two hundred contaminated sites, and not enough is being done to protect those inside the building from exposure.

One official said: “We became aware of significant dangers and risks to the health and safety of persons not only gaining access and working in the risers and ducts but generally to all persons within the Palace of Westminster .”

Another health and safety official sent an email, which read: “In view of the fact that in December 2006 I issued a report on the risers warning of the consequences of riser access doors being unlocked and unsealed, the Palace of Westminster authorities may wish to consider whether or not they have taken adequate steps to protect employees and visitors from exposure to asbestos fibres in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006.”

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