Kimberly Trenor was “Disciplining” 2-year-old Riley

Zeigler Missed Day of Work to Participate

Trenor’s Pregnancy Likely Occurred After Brutal Beating
It was day like any other late July day in East Texas, hot and muggy, when Royce Zeigler, 24, decided to stay home from work to help 19-year-old Kimberly, his new bride of less than two months, “discipline” Riley.
Riley had become a problem. The little two 1/2-year-old girl didn’t have any “manners”. She refused to learn how to say things such as “thank you” or “yes sir” or “please.”
No one knows what happened that day other than Kimberly Ziegler’s statement on November 24th to the investigators at the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department.

Kimberly told a horrifically sadistic tale, one of where the little girl was beaten with leather belts, of holding Riley’s head under water, of pillows being used to smother Riley, of Royce grabbing Riley by her hair and throwing her across the room, her tiny head hitting the hard tile floor. Royce giving Riley cold medication, of Riley, now dead, being covered by a purple towel.

Kimberly went on to tell how that evening they got into their vehicle and drove to Walmart to search for something they could store Riley’s body in. How they walked the aisles until they found a blue plastic Sterling storage tote, a “Wal-mart” casket for little Riley.

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Riley Sawyers’ Pregnant Mother: Riley Needed Some “Manners”


Riley Sawyers’ Pregnant Mother: Riley Needed Some “Manners”

the Galveston County Sheriff’s

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