“There are days when you feel like you are going to lose your mind.”

In an interview with ABC 13 Sheryl Sawyers’ grief was raw. She said she felt she was in a bad dream, that this was something that only happened to other people. Both Sheryl and Robert’s love for their little Riley was apparent.

Robert and Sheryl came to Galveston, Texas, the little city that sits on an island east of the giant metropolis of Houston. A place where the green-blue waves of the Gulf of Mexico roll up to sandy beaches. Where the seagulls chase after the shrimp boats and ships come to port from all over the world.

A city that seems old fashioned with trolleys and quaint architecture. A place to come and unwind and relax. Where one can sit on the beach and watch the sun sparkle and dance across the waves. Where on the late afternoon of October 29th a fisherman made a gruesome discovery. A plastic storage tote which had come to rest on a sand bar. Inside, was the decomposing body of a little girl.

Sheryl and Robert came to Galveston to trace the route of Riley’s last journey. They took a boat out to the place where Riley was found. With them they carried a little purse,
because Sheryl said Riley was a real “girly girl”. With the purse, a stuffed teddy bear, for Riley.

High School Sweethearts Separate 

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Riley Sawyers: Loved Ones’ Sad Journey to Texas 


Riley Sawyers: Loved Ones’ Sad Journey to Texas

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