Details from  Search Warrants Affidavits Released

Descriptions from Crime Scene Vivid

Lawyers Denials Followed

New details have emerged on the fate of little Riley Sawyers, “Baby Grace’s” last day.

According to the Houston Chronicle, and details released from a search warrant affidavit, Riley’s stepfather, 24-year-old Royce Zeigler, placed her tiny body in the bathtub of their Spring, Texas, home. He then covered her with a purple towel and closed the shower curtain to prevent her mother from seeing her.

Galveston County sheriff’s investigators were searching for the shower curtain, the bath towel and other evidence when they searched a rented storage unit and the Spring residence of Riley’s mother, Kimberly Dawn Trenor, 19, and her husband, Royce Clyde Zeigler II, 24, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit says that Zeigler and Trenor used two leather belts to beat Riley, that her head was held under water, that Zeigler grabbed Riley by her hair and flung her across a room onto a tile floor, and that her face was pushed into a pillow and a couch.

On December 12, Zeigler and Riley’s mother, Kimberly Trenor were indicted by the Galveston County, Texas, Grand Jury on Capital Murder indictments.
It took only three minutes for the Galveston County to decide to charge the mother and stepfather of little Riley Sawyers with Capital Murder in the death of the little two and 1/2-year-old girl.

More details from the affidavits and lawyer denials follow.

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Baby Grace Case: New Details from Affidavit 


Baby Grace Case: New Details from Affidavit

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