I swear that I stumble across something new and bizarre online almost every day. My find today is a web site Rifftrax. Anyone that has surfed the TV late at night has likely stumbled across Mystery Science Theater 3000. This program airs mainly sci-fi movies but with a twist, they add their own running commentary as the movie plays, some of which is quite amusing.

The creative force behind MST3K was undoubtedly Mike Nelson who not only was the head writer, but also the main host of the show. The series ran for 11 years and certainly garnered cult status with sci-fi fans everywhere. It turns out that Mike Nelson has moved his wit to the online world and has created a web site Rifftrax. This unique site contains downloads of movie soundtracks al la MST3K, you download the add on track to your computer, stick on the movie DVD and start the add on track playing.

The site also claims to have a method through software of synchronizing the DVD with the add on track. How that miracle is achieved I do not know. I was browsing Rifftrax and they certainly have branched out from MST3K, you can now get Jaws, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and a host of other popular movies that have been given the Mike Nelson treatment.

Give them a try, you might find something to tickle your fancy. As their slogan says RiffTrax – We don’t make movies, we make fun of them!

Simon Barrett


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