Rielle Hunter sat down with Oprah earlier this month for an interview that will be aired Thursday, April 29, 2010 on the talk diva’s nationally-syndicated TV show. What will Oprah ask the former Edwards’ mistress? From the questions that DBKP has seen, expect the creampuffs to fly.

Four questions from the upcoming Interview

Oprah vs. Rielle Hunter!
For those who can’t get enough of watching a former mistress cram her foot into her mouth, today’s the big day: Oprah airs her interview with Rielle Hunter, the John Edwards’ albatross who doubled as his infamous ‘Camera Girl.’

Oprah announced the interview in March, which was taped at Hunter’s digs in Charlotte, NC earlier this month. Planned for sweeps week, it’s Hunter’s first TV appearance since the bottom fell out of the presidential candidate lover’s market in July 2008.

It’s unlikely it will be her last. The National Enquirer reported a year ago that the mistress formerly known as Lisa Jo Druck was talking to Barbara Walters about an interview. That’s since been confirmed.

Expect an appearance by daughter, Frances Quinn; the tyke is the one humanizing factor Hunter has going for her. This is the woman who carried on an affair with the husband of a cancer-stricken wife–and blamed the wife for the shenanigans!

Also, rumors are flying that Dr. Phil’s people are hot to snag the mother of John Edwards’ love child for a sit-down. One can only imagine what would happen in that showdown: lots of sparks and then everyone would hug and make up at the end.

Four questions from todays Oprah-Hunter interview

According to a source with knowledge of the April 29 Oprah-Rielle Hunter interview, here are four of the questions which Hunter will tackle.


1- Did he tell you he loved you?

Don’t they all?

2- What made you think he wasn’t lying to you?

Cue Hunter’s rote answer about her amazing ‘truth-telling’ sense which pierces the hearts and minds of all those she comes in contact with.

3- Did you ever meet Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth?

The only interesting question of the preview bunch. Was there another time that the two were at the same event–besides the famous December 30, 2006 meeting in Chapel Hill? Will Hunter reveal that she was at other events that Elizabeth attended? There were ample opportunities. Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman wrote that Hunter told him “yes.” Hunter’s denied that previously.

Of course, there are other things that Hunter’s denied previously that come to mind. Which will it be this time around?

4- How did he feel when he found out you were pregnant?

Since Oprah’s a family show, it’s doubtful that “oh sh*t!” will be allowed to air.

Maybe the entire interview won’t be zzzzzzzzz time, but after the fiasco of Hunter’s GQ interview and photo shoot, Edwards’ handlers most likely will have her on a short leash.Of course, the National Enquirer’s latest issue has a story about Edwards chasing multiple skirts that aren’t being worn by Rielle Hunter–so that may play a part.

So what will Hunter tell Oprah? What will Oprah ask? Will the questions be any deeper than the ones we were clued to? Will Oprah ask Rielle what her favorite color is? Will Hunter listen to her media coaches? Will she get comfortable and forget that the nation is watching? Will it matter that she’s not in front of Oprah’s regular studio audience?

Everyone gets their answers today.

by Mondo Frazier

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