10 Things We’ve Learned from the National Enquirer and It’s Updates

Also, Info From other Sources Around the Country

Information Keeps Piling Up

Still, No Statements Yet From the Edwards’ Campaign 

The scandal keeps growing and the story the Edwards’ campaign wishes would just go away, won’t. The lastest from the National Enquirer, its updates to the story and other sources around the Internet.
As information about Rielle Hunter, mother of John Edwards’ alleged love child, continues to come out, one piece of information remains elusive:

A statement from the Edwards’ campaign about the growing scandal.

The National Enquirer broke the story yesterday and has added updates today.

They are expected to release at least two more updates containing information they’ve tracked down.

Meanwhile, Rielle Hunter denied that Edwards is the father of her child.  But then, Rielle Hunter denied being Rielle Hunter, when confronted by a representative of the Enquirer.

Edwards operative, Andrew Young (not the former U.N. ambassador) has stepped forward, in what one source called “taking one for the team” and claimed that he [Young] was the father.

The Enquirer points out that they have been able to establish no known romantic link between Hunter and Young.

Another source has claimed that Hunter is living in a house owned by Edwards.

Still another has questioned whether it is being paid for with Edwards’ campaign money.

The National Enquirer wondered in its latest update if, perhaps, this would violate some campaign finance law.

10 Things we do know for sure at this point in the scandal.

We’ve included the latest from the last updates at the National Enquirer.

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John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Sex Scandal: 10 Things We Know 


John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Sex Scandal: 10 Things We Know 

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